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  1. Farbod (ADC)

    Chick gets blasted in the face by watermelon!
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    wrong forum... errr
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    Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" Rally"] :monk1:
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    Awesome article from World Traveler

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    The myth about Google's "Open" Android

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    YouTube- Maz Jobrani - Law Offices commercial
  7. Farbod (ADC)

    Incredible: All persons in the US between 18-42 to serve 2 years service Text of H.R. 5741 as introduced in the House of Representatives: Fucking Rangel is at it again...
  8. Farbod (ADC)

    The greatest movie I have ever seen

    I just saw it. Inception was mind boggling. Without a doubt the greatest piece of cinematic genius ever captured on a lens...
  9. Farbod (ADC)

    Hypernova at Troubador this Friday Night

    Pretty good Iranian rock band. Moved to New York from Iran a couple years ago. They will be playing at the Troubador on Santa Monica Blvd in Hollywood if anyone is interested in going this friday night (7/16) Click for tickets YouTube- HYPERNOVA-"FAIRY TALES" (MUSIC VIDEO)
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    YouTube- Spanish Commentator Goes Mental!
  11. Farbod (ADC)

    Golden Ball goes to...

    FORLAN wins Golden Ball. Sneijder wins Silver Ball. Villa wins Bronze Ball.
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    Anyone else feel that one? Was a 5.9 about 40 miles north east of san diego. I felt it pretty well in LA.... Was at about 4:55 pm today.
  13. Farbod (ADC)

    Forlan did it for his sister (with the help of El Diez)
  14. Farbod (ADC)

    Suarez recieves ONE match ban...
  15. Farbod (ADC)

    LOL Fedor Loses

    Werdum submits the emperor in only one minute... The legend is no more...
  16. Farbod (ADC)

    Cool Football Ads

    Check out
  17. Farbod (ADC)

    iPhone 4

    iPhone 4 announced, launching June 24 for $199 with new FaceTime video chat Apple has unveiled its new iPhone 4 after a couple wild, unprecedented months of leaks. Sure, it looks...
  18. Farbod (ADC)

    Huge redistricted for College Sports?!?

    Pac-10, Big 12, Big Ten conference expansion speculation swirls - ESPN@@AMEPARAM@@ This would be Huge... Pac 10 is looking to raid the Big 10 and make a 16 team mega conference...
  19. Farbod (ADC)

    Bryce Harper

    17 year old phenom will undoubtedly be the #1 pick in the MLB amateur draft this year. He has been called the greatest position player prospects of the past 40 years. He is beyond a 5 tool player. Hitting 500 foot bombs as a 15 year old and throwing 96+ mph as a 16 year old. He can score...
  20. Farbod (ADC)

    Badr Hari

    He just got DQed again for kicking a downed opponent. What a fucking moron. He is the most talented and exciting K-1 fighter in the history of the sport, a fighter that could make K-1 sky rocket in popularity but he gets frustrated again and acts like a moron. The guy was completely down...