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  1. Babak G

    Anyone on Twitter here?

    Recently decided to join the Tweet-movement. What Ive observed is the media will never be the same again. Newspapers were beaten by TV. TV was beaten by web. Now social networking sites esp Twitter have a life of their own in terms of speed of breaking news. Who is on it here?
  2. Babak G

    Iranian Agents/Scouts

    Guys, Anyone here worked as or directly knows Iranian footballer player agents or scouts/recruitment people for IPL clubs? These are two different issues. One is incoming to Iran and one is for outgoing out of Iran.
  3. Babak G

    How good is our current crop of players (old school ISP)

    Hello guys, Some of you may remember me from a while back and some of you may have read some of my articles. But I think a majority of you wont know who I am! Unfortunately professional commitments meant that I could not contribute here as much as I would've liked. Now a fractured elbow has put...
  4. Babak G

    Your CONSTRUCTIVE opinions on a website

    Guys, I would appreciate any comments you can pass on the following website -> Ways to improve, what you like, dont like, weaknesses, strengths, etc...
  5. Babak G

    Sure, I believe you Joachim!

    Joachim Loew on Hansi Flick after the game last night: Low added: "He did a great job. There were some things during the match he did absolutely right, like putting Michael Ballack a bit further back when there was a phase where they put us under some pressure." .................. Are you...
  6. Babak G

    Clemente Inspired by Iran Challenge

    I havent felt this good about reading anything from any manager of an Iranian club or national team ever. This guy holds no punches and he is his own man. There is no way he will select players who are not good enough and he will not be forced into anything. Its obvious as he has become manager...
  7. Babak G

    Sepahan Still Will Play in World Club Cup

    According to this... If a Japanese club wins the ACL, then the runners up of ACL will qualify as they dont want two clubs from one country.
  8. Babak G

    Blackberry 8800 or Nokia E90

    What would you buy and why?
  9. Babak G

    Quick, short, sweet holiday but to where...

    I wanna take a 5 day holiday for the Eid holidays the end of Ramadan and travel somewhere. I cant plan too far ahead as I dont know about my work schedule then thats why I want somewhere nice, relaxing and fun but I dont want to pay over the top either. Where do you guys propose? Cross out...
  10. Babak G

    Baby the REAL football starts again today!

    Finally, the summers over and top flight football starts today with the Premier League! Bundesliga too, but I dont really give a rat's ass about that. Primera and Serie A to follow up too. I feel this is going to be the most competitive PL table for a long long time. Spurs are closest to...
  11. Babak G

    Jorvan Vieira in Talks with Australia and Korea

    Look how quick the TOP nations move for new coaches. Already has had talks with them but wants a bit of time to decide...
  12. Babak G


    Lets call this the official lo-down on what you guys and gals think...Im tying this in with the editorial Ive written on the homepage right now. This is a self-explanatory poll.
  13. Babak G

    Planning for 2010: It's a Man's Job (Frontpage Editorial) I am going to tie this in with a poll on another thread...
  14. Babak G

    BREAKING NEWS: Iran Expected to Host Asian Cup 2011

    Fox Sports Australia has said that it expects Iran to be named as hosts for the Asian Cup 2011. According to the report, Qatar and Iran are the only two countries to have bid. Host will be chosen tomorrow. Watch this space.
  15. Babak G

    Santa Cruz is cominggggg to towwwwnnnn

    You better watch out You better not cry Better not pout I'm telling you why Santa Cruz is coming to town He's scoring some goals, Not once, but twice; Gonna find out Who's naughty and nice Santa Cruz is coming to town He sees when your defences are sleeping He knows when they're awake...
  16. Babak G

    Perrenial Scapegoats Where Are You? (Frontpage Editorial) ( is out. And the blame must lay with Branko Ivankovic and Ali Daei. Oh wait. That song and tune is over. Neither, who have shouldered the bulk of the blame thrown at the national team by fans, fellow "professionals" and the...
  17. Babak G

    Time for a New Day - A New Team Melli

    There is going to be enough time to dissect our exit and to lay blame all across the board. But I thought this could be a good thread. Who do you think should be headed out of Team Melli on the player front and who do you see as the players to lead the team towards the WC in 2010. I dont think...
  18. Babak G

    Australia will win the thing

    They scraped through the group undeservedly. They shouldve lost to Oman as well, but they have snuck through playing rubbish football and cant play any worse. Theyll only get better and in the knockout stages it will be difficult to beat them. Im sure they will beat Japan and make it to the...
  19. Babak G

    Iranian News just Announced the Lineup vs China

    Madanchi in for Enayati and Kazemian in for Khatibi are the two changes. No Kaabi, although given Kazemians performance it wouldve been hard to find a place for Hossein. I like this lineup much more than the first game as it gives us natural width in the front third and even though Madanchi...
  20. Babak G

    Bow Down to the New Princes of Asia (Editorial)

    On the front page. I think they deserve it too.