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    Conservatives still regulating your wife and girlfriend's vagina Enjoy your liberty, and a life free of gubment intrusion. Next important issue: outlaw teaching evolution at all public institutions.
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    These guys hold the fate of the country in their hands Democracy really is the worst form of government except for all the others.
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    Couple of cool videos

    Not sure if these videos were posted before. First time I watched these games with Australian commentary. You have to feel for them, especially when that analyst dude starts crying at the end of the second video. We haven't blown it this way during the course of a single game, but we have...
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    Boss(tv show)

    It's created by an Iranian guy.Kelsey Grammer plays the lead in it. Have you seen it? What do you think about it? It steals a lot ideas from other currently successful shows but it's very watchable in my opinion. Story has a good flow.
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    How taxes on the rich destroy jobs
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    holy crap
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    a few thousand dead sepahis and basijis, is it really a bad thing?

    looking at what's happening in Libya, would it really bother you if some mosques and sepahi rat holes were targeted by a foreign coalition and some of these soosk and magas enemies of Iran got blown up and charred?
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    Tea Party hero weighs in on fiscal conservatism

    Hey enjoy getting the same old shit from Republicans. Oh, did you hear Rand Paul already backtracking on earmarks? It has just been a week. Sen. DeMint: "You Can't Be A Fiscal Conservative and Not Be A Social Conservative" November 10, 2010 11:31 am ET -by Kate Conway Sen. Jim DeMint...
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    confessions of an agent (great read) everything we suspected but
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    no more carpet or pesteh to US even for personal use?

    I talked to a CBP officer and he said based on their new guidelines you can't even bring that stuff in for noncommercial use effective Sep 29. It's very possible they are going to be ceased at the airport. I don't know whether it's going to be enforced or not, but it is now prohibited to bring...
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    We should lower our expections for Asian Cup and ACL A LOT

    I know we usually have a pretty high opinion of ourselves but I believe the truth is that we have been no more than 2nd rate footballing side in Asia for many years. We have not won anything in Asia at senior level for over 18 years and that's not a trend that is likely to change anytime soon...
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    Congrats (spoiler)

    Once again you overachieved. :england1:
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    Jersey Shore goes Persian!

    Khoda be daad berese.
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    هنرنمایی بزرگترین خطر هوایی در تیم پرسپو&#1604

    if you hadn't seen it yet... YouTube- Sheis rezaei singing چرا این پسپسیها همه بعد از یک مدت شروع میکنن نالیدن؟ میناوند، نکیسا، جمشیدی ... جریان چییه؟
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    Agha Hassan

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Hassan Nemazee, a fund-raiser for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other Democrats, has been indicted for defrauding Bank of America, HSBC and Citigroup Inc out of more than $290 million in loan proceeds, U.S. prosecutors said on Monday. The announcement follows last...
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    لیست عوامل اغتشاش

    طرفداران فوتبال خس و خاشاک ماهواره هاي خارجي منافقین BBC استکبار جهانی انگلیس سوسولهای بالا شهری Barack Obama صهیونیستها خود فوتبالیستها anti-Davidians محسنها (مخملباف و سازگارا) پارچه مخملی پارچه سبز George Soros صنعت نساجی پولدارها CIA McCain موسوی و کروبی عربستان سعودی...
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    Coverage from foreign media

    So far very disappointed with Guardian, especially the very ignorant editorial they put out this morning claiming antari had real support. BBC also sucks but at least they are the only media reaching out to people inside Iran. They might be trying to be cautious. Conservative blogs I have...
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    Best tactic for us against SK

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    Champ Pics

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    Let's predict what happens in the next three games

    NK 3-1 Iran Iran out for all practical purposes. ISP admins have a very busy day trying to clean up the board. Many ISP members remind us that "I told you." We praise their collective wisdom. UAE 2-2 Iran Officially out. Several ISP members swear they will never watch another TM game or make...