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    Thank you Jose, Thank you Ronaldo !

    This is my 1st visit to the ste after El Casico. I just wanted to take the opportunity to extend my thanks to Jose for making the stupidest tactical mistake in his career (it was even worse than the 5-0 tactic). I swear to God i held my head when I read the lineup before the game starts, i mean...
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    Pep Guardiola doesn't know anything about foootball !!

    Just a quick translation of what he said after the game (from UAE newspaper, from his interview with Spanish TV): 1- Without Messi we might still be competetive but we won't be this effective. 2- We played better than the 2009 final and created more chances. 3- I am not sure about my...
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    My thoughts on the game (now that I am over the loss)

    First Congratulations to Barca on the win.. Now that the pain has eased I have these few points to share: 1- Barca deserved to win because they are thebetter team, and because Real didn't play with the same attitude that they played with in the last 2 games. Against a team like Barca...
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    Karim Benzima's interview

    In an interview with AS newspaer (published in Al Ittihad newspaper of UAE), Benzima had some interesting points to share. I will summarize: The winter break and the visit to France helped him mentaly and phsically and he wants to prove that on the field. He talked very highly of...
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    Mourinho's comments after the game: We have to bounce back.

    And some keep saying he has no class. The guy plays mind games but you can't say he has no class. Some comforting words Mourinho: "Today’s score is not the difference between...
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    So what went wrong?

    Honestly I am not as pissed as the 6-2. If you read my posts of last week, i never expected much from Real agains Barca cuz I said Barca is by far the best team and that they can rise to the occasions. What I didn't expect was how bad Madrid played. This can be the easiest El Classico win...
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    About Higuin, Real, and La Liga

    Just a few thoughts of mine: I came to a conclusion today that Higuin is the biggest problem in Real at this time. Not only he has misses many many chances this seasons, he also cost us the CL last year by all those misses in the last game. Real Madrid this year is playing better at...
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    Lessons learned from El Clasico

    1- Barca won because they were better in all departments. 2- Real is second not becuase they are the 2nd best, it is simply because the rest of La Liga teams this year are garbage. 3- Once again Real proved to have no game plan and doesn't know how to play like a team. We won 12 straigh...
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    I got tickest for FIFA Club World Cup but not going :D

    I got tickets for both the semi-final and the final but I don't wanna go cuz i don't want to see Barca celebrating the cup infront of my eyes!!! :P Gooooo Amigoz (semi final)....and then goooooooo Veron (in final)!! :D
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    A question to football experts

    To those who know football better than I do; why the hell is Nosrati playing at national level? what do coaches see in him that we don't ? He is so bad that it makes you laugh sometimes!
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    My take on Real Madrid game

    I saw the 2nd half. As soon as I saw the result at end of 1st 45 mins I knew it is all over. As said it yesterday that if Real can be up 2-0 early in the 1st half then there is a chance otherwise... Real played too slow for European standards, and insisted in sending through balls when the...
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    To Laptop experts

    I need a small laptop to take around.. they have these 10 inches laptops here in Dubai (different barnds such as LG, DELL, HP, Samsung..) for around $400. The specs are all the same: 1.6 Intel atom, 160 GB HD, 1 GB RAM.. would that be goo denough for browsing? wont be too slow? they also have...
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    The worst thing about today's game...

    It was not the fact that TM is almost out and needs a miracle to advance.. The sad things are: 1- This is the best we have. We saw it in 5 previous games.. and we saw it on club level. Currenlty this is the level of Iranian football. 2- The fact that in a football crazy nation like...
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    Decline of football during Ahmadi Nejad's era

    Don't you notice that Iranian football has not achieved ANYTHING during AN era? correct me if I am wrong but i don't remeber any achievement on any level (maybe except futsal's recent sucess) in football.. I guess it has to do with bad planning, and not having the right people in the right place.
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    Problem with Iranian football is "half democracy"!

    A wise Iranian person said to me once that the probelm in iran is that the systme is "half democracy" . It is not dictatorship so one person makes all the decisions,and it is not full democracy so everyone has a say and the decision is based on majority's opinion. Having "half democracy" means...
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    About Jalal Hossaini

    I think the heartbreaking loss to KSA didn't leave time to comment on what a disastert this guy has been for TM in recent games. If you noticed that 9 out of 10 saudi chances that they had were direct results of his blunders and mistakes in positioning. The guy maybe physically strong but...
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    Who was more stupid? Daie or us?!

    We should have seen it coming a long time ago. Remeber that we barely beat N. Korea in Azadi.. they pressed towards the end and ALL of their attempts were dangeous. A draw was a more fair result. In the away game against UAE, we escaped a historical defeat thanks to the UAE forwards and the...
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    Spanish teams in CL

    None of the 4 Spanish teams won their 1st game in the CL. Notice that none of them faced a superpower team (if we keep in mind Liverpool is suffering this season). I guess this means that nowadays the Spanish league is not as good as we thought or as we like to believe. Regarding Real, as I...
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    What did we learn from this game?

    Well some of these are just pointing out the obvious: 1- Korea has a better football than Iran in all departments. 2- Ali Daie has a long way to go to become a GOOD coach. 3- Hashemian has connection in the government, otherwise his useless presence for 90 mins and also in TM in...
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    Brazil-Italy tonight

    How come no one is talking about that game? it should be a good encounter. It is 11:45 pm dubai time.