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  1. Farbod (ADC)

    US Election 2016: How are you voting? (American members)

    You and six friends want to go out to lunch. Three want to go to Sushi. Three want to go to a Pizza place. They ask you what you want. You reply that you want to get sandwiches. You are the asshole. Third party votes are for suckers. The US system isn't built for more than two parties...
  2. Farbod (ADC)

    Tea Party Stuns GOP !!

    LOL. What a kook.
  3. Farbod (ADC)

    Gang tried to sell (Iranian) girls' virginity to wealthy Arabs for £150,000

    Put them in a room. Give me a role of gauze, a small bucket of resin, and another bucket of broken glass...
  4. Farbod (ADC)

    Chick gets blasted in the face by watermelon!
  5. Farbod (ADC)


    wrong forum... errr
  6. Farbod (ADC)

    Video of overtake of American embassy in the beginning of revolution

    Just because shit tastes worse doesnt mean you should drink piss... The past is just that, the past. You learn from it in order to avoid mistakes, but you dont shut your eyes and pretend to live there. Either we move on and create something better than the shit and piss that has enveloped...
  7. Farbod (ADC)

    TURKEY: Cheerleaders go for modesty at Iran-U.S. basketball game

    We even fuck up the Ukranian cheerleaders... Have we no shame?
  8. Farbod (ADC)

    Liberal vs. Conservative

    If only we could get you to stop liking the Lakers and the Cowboys... lol :15:
  9. Farbod (ADC)

    Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" Rally

    dem·a·gogue noun 1: a leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power.
  10. Farbod (ADC)

    Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" Rally

    But these are wealthy, educated, sophisticated, racially diverse and accepting, good hearted americans...
  11. Farbod (ADC)

    Another Oil Platform blast in Gulf of Mexico!

    Or it could just be that these Oil rigs are made by greedy unregulated companies that dont really care... *ding*
  12. Farbod (ADC)

    The political Compass

    ^^It could also mean that the questions and calculations are complete dogshit since those famous people are put on the chart through guesswork and not by whether or not theyd "give 50 cents to a random homeless guy"
  13. Farbod (ADC)

    Liberal vs. Conservative

    Or more senile, out of touch and confused...
  14. Farbod (ADC)

    The political Compass

    Economic Left/Right: -5.12 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.51 Bleeding heart anarchist :)
  15. Farbod (ADC)

    Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" Rally

    I was annoyed as hell when I read they are attending. Its a bit hypocritical that Larussa and Pujols supported the Arizona immigration law when they both have benefited so much from illegal immigration... I never liked Pujols, something about his gigantic head always bothered me.
  16. Farbod (ADC)

    Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" Rally"] :monk1:
  17. Farbod (ADC)

    Liberal vs. Conservative

    Economic Left/Right: -5.12 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.51
  18. Farbod (ADC)

    Reverend Al Sharpton

    Thats the problem in a nutshell. In his effort to make money by stoking the flames of racism, fear, and helplessness... He has created an army of out-of-work, desperate, scared, retards. Another Waco or OK City incident is bound to happen...
  19. Farbod (ADC)

    Liberal vs. Conservative

    Yes, my parents are so ashamed that their son has gotten a top notch education and has the same profession as: Abraham Lincoln Gandhi Thomas Jefferson Robert Loius Stephenson Kafka Barrack Obama Bill Clinton David Lloyd George John Adams Benjamin Cardozo Jack Straw Francis...