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  1. Niloufar

    World Cup 2018: Adidas-Nike release official Kits

    Still waiting for Iran's Adidas shirts though. And according to 90 program, IFF will have to buy Adidas kits from Adidas!!lol Few days ago, Adidas and Nike released their official teams' kits. Some of the teams dont have their kits yet though. So what do u think of the designs? Here are...
  2. Niloufar

    Remember the slain protesters during Revolution?

    Very sad and interesting that the truth comes out now after 40 years. Lies that mullahs said from beginning to exaggerate the number of slain protesters during revolution in Shah era...
  3. Niloufar

    Video: Khodad Azizi's funny memories + football transfers in Iran

    Khodadad Azizi was on "Dorehami" TV show 2 nights ago. He shared new funny stories, the story of players' overdose of shisha(ghelyun) before trainings, state of corruption in IPL football transfers and why it cant be fixed, and his comments about Ivic and Carlos Queiroz. He is so honest as...
  4. Niloufar

    But I thought I was my husband's 3rd wife..

    :(:-ohno: kheili badjenseh.. I thought I'd be Mahdavikia's 3rd wife.. At first thought its a fake news, but its not. Apparently, several years ago, he divorced his first wife(whom had a big daughter with). U know the fiasco of 2nd wife. But here is his 3rd wife, and their daughter. I mean I...
  5. Niloufar

    How to post an Instagram pic/video here?

    Sorry for the basic question, but is there any way to share an Instagram picture/video on ISP?(If its a public Instagram account) Can we embed the pic/video just like Tweets can be embedded in the posts? Appreciate ur info. :)
  6. Niloufar

    Infographic: Another Asian team has Group of Death in WC 2018

    You know the hard group we got for World Cup 2018? Most of the pundits claimed this is Group of Death. So I dug into data more to see if Iran's group is really the Group of Death in all aspects or not. Turns out South Korea has as tough group as Iran, depending on how you look at it. The...
  7. Niloufar

    Kids are asked how Trump is doing in his first year!

    This is just hilarious! You've be appalled how smart, spot on they are about him, and their impressions are just so funny and flawless! :D
  8. Niloufar

    A refree that had to be punished!

    lool, this is just funny! Happened on Sunday during Nantes-PSG match: Zoom into the referee's move: Nantes player accidentally runs into ref, and the Referee aggressively kicks the player, and then gives him the 2nd yellow and sends him off the match! :O :D *The referee, Tony Chapron, is now...
  9. Niloufar

    Iran set record today

    In being the only country in the world as of today, for not allowing women into stadiums.:ess-cry: As of today, for the first time in their history, Saudi women are allowed into football stadiums: First in a dedicated area and then after 6 months, they'll be mixed along with men. Iran and Saudi...
  10. Niloufar

    Perspolis's leech is gone!

    yuhuu so glad he is finally gone! But what a jerk, he caused Perspolis to be banned by FIFA (although Pers officials would be blamed too) + he didnt give the $ he got from Hedayati to pay his Turkish club he left. Now he's left Perspolis for Qatar. There is a video of it too but Instagram's...
  11. Niloufar

    Losers of Iran's Protests

    This is from few days ago, but its an interesting read. What are your thoughts on who is/are the losers of Iran's protests in recent days? «بازندگان جنبش اعتراضی دی ماه ۹۶» قوای قهریه پس از دو روز سبک و سنگین کردن شرایط از...
  12. Niloufar

    Transfer News: Masoud Shojaei joins AEK Athens

    Good for him. He joined current runner-up Greek team AEK Athens. His classy move was that he chose shirt #24 in memory of Hadi Norouzi. سلام و عرض ادب خدمت هموطنان عزيز. خیلی خوشحالم که به باشگاه بزرگ آاک آتن پیوستم. شماره******های ٧ و٧٧ در اختیار سایر بازیکنان بود، باشگاه شماره 24 را به من...
  13. Niloufar

    During Iran's negotiations: How Obama let Hezbollah off the hook

    This was an interesting story that came out last week. Its disgusting how Obama ignored Hezbollah's money-laundering investigation findings and CIA even planned for Hezbollah have a bigger role in Lebanon's politics...
  14. Niloufar

    Sardar Azmoun's TM competitor is rocking it in Europe

    Kaveh Rezaei is doing amazing at Belgian league so far. Its his first season in Europe, foreign language, new training techniques, yet he's made it to Top Scorers and Top Assist-providers of Belgian league already. :) His long-range goals are beautiful to watch and certainly handy against...
  15. Niloufar

    An Iranian younster among Guardian UK's list of best young talents in the World

    Pretty impressive. Fulad Khuzestan's 17-year old midfielder, Mohamad Sharifi is among Guardian football's list of 60 best young talents in the world.
  16. Niloufar

    La Liga officials send Real Madrid shirt to a painter in Iran

    Remember Fateme Hadadi? The lady with disability that only using her feet she paints original-looking portrait drawings of famous people, including Footballers? She had drawn a portrait of C.Ronaldo few months ago and had mentioned he is her favourite player, and is a fan of Real Madrid. She...
  17. Niloufar

    Pension Plan Embazzlemnent: 1 of the accused escaped for Germany wt 500 Billion T

    So sad.. Its so much that its hard to count the zeros! And then poor retired teachers/instructors would be left without any pension. یکی از متهمان پرونده صندوق ذخیره فرهنگیان به آلمان فرار کرده [*=right]«گزارش کمینه تحقیق*** و تفحص از صندوق...
  18. Niloufar

    Black Magic in Iranian football

    This was aired about 2 weeks ago at 90. I first couldnt believe my eyes but its happening.. :O Some team officials believing in "Jinxing" and combating it by peeing on the pitch, and other tactics!lol Watch the beginning a bit and then watch from min 13...
  19. Niloufar

    The best accurate book about Shah's era

    Couple of months ago, I came across the name of this book where Extreme lefties had gotten into argument with a Historial author who has penned detailed events of Shah era leading to revolution, where in part showed the support of Fadayeaan and lefties leading up to 1979 revolution. Its almost...
  20. Niloufar

    Neymar is on his way out again!

    Where is Mehdi who'd always say "Brazilians walk when there is money talk"!! So true.. Apart from his row with Cavani, L'equip newspaper is also reporting that Nemar and PSG coach, Emery are not talking right now, and Neymar is setting a stage for Emery to resign and have his friend, Scolari to...