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  1. Payam

    Brasil - Off the Pitch & Outside the Stadium

    I think that this will personally be one of the most memorable World Cups and I think a lot of that will have to do with what happens not on the pitch but outside the stadium. I am really curious to see what happens. Lets try to document it all here. Here is a List of Anti-Fifa / World Cup...
  2. Payam

    Slain asylum seeker Reza Berati remembered by 15,000 people who have attended vigils across Australi

    My Australian Brothers and Sisters... :iloveu: too
  3. Payam

    Party Time!

  4. Payam

    iran makes it on yahoos 'dirty tackles of the day' again

  5. Payam

    11/14/12 BBC Persian Interview with Noam Chomsky

    BBC Persian's Amir Payam interviews Prof. Noam Chomsky, MIT Linguistic and Philosopher in his office at Massachusetts Institute of Technology on Nov 14, 2012.
  6. Payam

    1925 Silent Ethnography of Bakhtiari Migration

    I remember my cousin showing me this movie a couple years back on his netflix account. Can't find it free online... but I think it's worth buying. Obviously the perspective of the filmmakers was biased, but the actual footage of the migration... sheesh! I don't think I will ever forget the scene...
  7. Payam

    Iran finishes 2nd in World Cup Taekwondo Team Championships

    Iran finishes 2nd in World Cup Taekwondo Team Championships Source: Tehran Times Iran finished in second place of the 2012 World Cup Taekwondo Team Championships held inSanta Cruz, Aruba on Sunday. Defending champion Iran lost to South Korea 27-13 and came second.The 4th edition of the World...
  8. Payam

    Peter Crouch meme

    One of my friends sent this to me... thought it was hilarious :--closed:
  9. Payam

    'Iranian rapper faces death threats and fatwa for 'blasphemous' song' guardian - An Iranian rapper has become "the Salman Rushdie of music" after clerics in the Islamic republic issued fatwas calling him an apostate, which...
  10. Payam

    protests in bokan over killing of girl

    Just hearing about this now. Can't find much information about it, heres some stuff ive heared: ----- "On Monday a group of men working for the government kidnapped, raped and killed a 17 year old girl, Someye Feizinijadh."...
  11. Payam

    Daei sues Toyota

    Iran football great Ali Daei 'sues Toyota' over crash By Mohsen Asgari BBC News, Tehran Ali Daei reportedly suffered a head injury in the car accident, requiring surgery...
  12. Payam

    12th man saves shot on goal

    that sucks for the shooting team, cant do much but show a red card no? pretty funny tho!
  13. Payam

    35 killed in clashes after Egypt soccer match

    CAIRO (AP)—A medic in a morgue in Port Said, Egypt, says 35 people have been killed in violence following a soccer match after fans flooded the field seconds after the match with a rival team was over. Some of the dead in Wednesday’s clashes were security officers, the official said...
  14. Payam

    noghl ghasemi specials

    which one would you prefer with your chai???
  15. Payam

    Khorasan Blues Q&A | Head to Head with Abdi Behravanfar, Khorasan Blues Pioneer by FATEMEH SHAMS and...
  16. Payam

    ignorant people

    soo i decided to search 'ignorant people' on youtube after recalling a similar video regarding islamic ray guns anddd i found some more humorous (and saddening) material my favorite parts got to be when Herman tries to communicate at 1:50...
  17. Payam

    Greek Orthodox v Armenian Priests Brawl

    :pray: im not sure which parts the saddest, that it happens every year or nobody got arrested because all those involved were men of god! :party-smi:party-smi
  18. Payam


    Egypt's violence continues in Cairo streets over military rule Security forces and protesters clash in running battles in streets around Tahrir Square 24 hours after nine confirmed dead
  19. Payam

    Grizzlies’ Hamed Haddadi hit with lawsuit over domestic incident last year The former girlfriend of Memphis Grizzlies backup center Hamed Haddadi filed a civil suit Tuesday, claiming that an altercation in his Downtown apartment last year left her...
  20. Payam

    imagine playing in some of these stadiums stumbled upon this website and thought id share... these are some crazy stadiums. imagine playing, or even watching a game in one of these stadiums.