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  1. Khabalood

    Provisional U23 Squad list for the Asian Games

    Provisional squad: Mohammad Soltanimehr, Reza Jafari, Mehdi Amini, Abolfazl Razzaghpour, Amir Roostaei, Mohammad Khodabandehloo, Hamid Reza Taherkhani, Shahin Abbasian, Mohammad Amin Asadi, Mehdi Ghaedi, Ahmad Reza Ahmadvand, Aref Agassi, Reza Jabireh, Younes Delfi, Shahab Adeli, Mehdi Rahimi...
  2. Khabalood

    Views from inside Arena Fonte Nova

    As promised here is an insider report of what happened in Salvador today before, during and after the Iran v. Bosni game. First the pictures: So when I said I took pictures, what I probably should have said was I took a lot of pictures. Over 300 pictures actually...
  3. Khabalood

    Best place to get the new World Cup kit

    Has anyone been able to find the kit in Iran or ordered it from Fifa or other sources and had it arrive ? What is the best place to get the new kit?
  4. Khabalood

    The Japanese National Teams New Mascot

    So someone with some influence in Japan decided their team needed a mascot this year, and that, that mascot should be a yellow cartoon mouse that shoots electricity out of its ass. Yeah this is a real thing...
  5. Khabalood

    Iran vs. South Korea Full Match HTTP Download Links

    I thought I would share links for the download of the game. Mods if you could please sticky the thread more members would be able to download the game. Format : mpeg File size : 1.5 GB Source:JSC SPORT Resolution:1280 X 720 Language:Arabic Upload by member lizhengziang on the...
  6. Khabalood

    Was the game fixed?

    Anybody else get the feeling that the team just didn't try to play to win the game today as if they were told to lose but maintain a somewhat respectful scoreline? This isn't the first time we have seen our teams play excessively below themselves in tournaments. We did the exact same thing at...
  7. Khabalood

    Asia Cup Fantasy Football

    Anyone interested in Asia Cup fantasy football? link to the site:
  8. Khabalood

    Maradona to coach Iran (Rumour)

    According to (who reference khabar varzesh) IFF is in talks with Maradonas management (today) regarding coaching the national team. For your convenience I have reposted the article below. _______________________ Diego Maradona Linked With Iran Job - Report Diego Maradona could...
  9. Khabalood

    Official Fifa World Cup Fantasy League

    Fifa has launched their World Cup fantasy league. I created a league called Iran Sports Press so we can compete against each other. If your interested join the game here: and enter this code 70399-36928 at the league join page.
  10. Khabalood

    New TM jersey inspired by...

    this kit with some alterations, I still think it's better than the previous one despite the crazy lines.
  11. Khabalood

    Best football shops in Iran

    Where are the best football shops (Adidas, Puma, Uhlsport, Daei brand ect.) in Iran located?
  12. Khabalood

    UEFA Champions League Fantasy football has started

    you can play by creating a team at this site Someone make a ISP League and post the code in this site.
  13. Khabalood

    Vote for the Asia Cup All-star team Only three Irani players may be chosen. I suggest Hosseini and two of either Nekounam, Mahdavikia or Zandi. In addition, to increase the chance of an Irani being selected, choose players from fring teams like vietnam for the other positions.
  14. Khabalood

    Fans world cup - SCORE FOR IRAN NOW!

    Iran is losing to Tunis right now. Go and vote for Iran and against Tunis right now. We need a mod to bichaspoon this for us as well. To insure that people keep voting on a continuous hourly basis. support Iran, go vote.
  15. Khabalood

    Rezaei vs. Juventus Pictures

    enjoy!, He wasn't...
  16. Khabalood

    create the slogan for tm wc bus, and have a chance to win wc tickets

    here is the contest
  17. Khabalood

    Enayati is not tm material

    I said this before the game, and I am now repeating it after. Enayati does not have the talent to play for tm. He proved me correct in todays game where he contributed exactly nothing to our team and took away the spot of a better player. His doemstic success can only be attributed to the...
  18. Khabalood

    Ashna for tm

    Fajr sepasi shiraz goaltender Ashna was a wall today against esteghlal. He played nearly a perfect game and definately showed his superiority over mirzapour. I think he at least deserves a chance to start in a decent international to prove himself further. Mirzapour is not and has never been...
  19. Khabalood

    AC Iran vs China highlights

    does anyone have highlights of that game and penalty kicks, and can they please post them if they do. I have searched all over the internet and cannot find anything.