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  1. Naveed M

    Guus goes back to Turkey!

    Damme Torka garm! 2+2 years, anyone read how much money?
  2. Naveed M

    90 - Derby night

    Started half an hour to midnight or so Tehran time.. Mehdi was a guest at the studio and had a very ehsasi mosahebe with Adel! Must see for all Mehdi fans!
  3. Naveed M

    varzesh va mardom show

    weekly friday morning show on right now in Iran irib 1..
  4. Naveed M

    u-21 handball WC

    Sajad Esteki scored most goals in the u-19 WC two weeks ago and he finished runner up in the u-21 wc (preliminary round).. Iran beat Spain and trashed Tunisia but didn't advance...
  5. Naveed M

    Hawar ends up in Turkey!

    ...and not persepolis! Diyarbakirspor Good news for Parvin jr..
  6. Naveed M

    Khalatbari in Köln..

    "Er ist schnell, technisch gut und dribbelstark. Ein Mann für die Flügel", sagte Co-Trainer Michael Henke dem Kölner "Express". Assistan coach henke says, he's fast, good technique and a good dribbler. They look at him as volatile who can play different positions striker/winger.. Looks like...
  7. Naveed M

    Rahman Rezaei on his way to Qatar

    700K dollar for a year...
  8. Naveed M

    IPL team of the week - Week 1

    Best player: they picked jadogar (khabar varzeshi)
  9. Naveed M

    ISP: Week 1 – Day 2
  10. Naveed M

    U-17 WC Draw!
  11. Naveed M

    Abadan's Field Of Dreams About To Disappear tells a sad tale from the southern region of Iran... Mehran Afshar is a native of Abadan, a city in the oil-rich southern Iran that has produced many of the country’s football talents. In his latest trip to his hometown, Mehran visited the city’s legendry football ground where...
  12. Naveed M

    Nikki to estil azin?

    Seems like he wasn't able to sign with traktor cause of his suspension and now he and omranzadeh might be back for second half of season... So looks like he too might end up in Estil Azin..
  13. Naveed M

    ISP Editorial: It’s going to be one weird season – Part II
  14. Naveed M

    Funny eses pic

  15. Naveed M

    Varzesh az negah 2

    Zlatko is in the studio with Vaez...
  16. Naveed M

    ISP Editorial: It’s going to be one weird season – Part I - Last four season of the Iranian pro football league has had down to the wire nail biting finishes. This season is going to be just weird…
  17. Naveed M

    Bosnia squad for Iran friendly..

    Keepers: Nemanja Supić (Anorhosis Famagusta FC), Asmir Begović (Porthsmouth FC), Adis Nurković ( NK Travnik) Defenders: Emir Spahić (Montpellier HSC), Ivan Radeljić (FC Energie Cottbus), Sanel Jahić (Aris Thessaloniki FC), Damir Mirvić (KSV Roeselare), Boris Pandža (HNK Hajduk Split, Safet...
  18. Naveed M

    Karimi leaving Persepolis
  19. Naveed M

    What is the purpose of the Iranian Pro League?
  20. Naveed M

    Karim, Karimi and Khalili to join Estili in Estil Azin?

    Probably not but papers are bringing it up again... Karimi havent signed yet despite "sign on saturday or never"... Shapourzadeh seems to have signed and Zandi is said to be in Tehran... Also still lots of on off this that talks on Adel and 90 show...