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  1. Arash_Tombangir

    The Lincoln Project

    DEDICATED AMERICANS PROTECTING DEMOCRACY The worst nightmare of a lying, incompetent, narcissist and sociopath, the Lincon Projcet kicking off. The moron is mocked by the party members in a biting ad campaign, by the way he initially aint Republican but a fake Democrat.
  2. Arash_Tombangir

    2019–20 NHL season

    Am hankering for to see the restart of the NHL, darn! This new kid on the block Mika "Lovely Breed" Zibanejad, has had got his shotgun going nonstop. It was rattling all around him, 41 goals in 57 games. Scary stuff.... ehhh! He was doing good on his way up right before the NHL was suspended due...
  3. Arash_Tombangir


    That's it, it's all over! da' hAji got sacked! ....... an intolerable situation for my staff and myself was created because of serious contractual violations committed by FFIRI.
  4. Arash_Tombangir

    Mullah vs allah

    From and by listening to these two hAjis, "Islam as a religion is utterly dedicated to never ever be reformed, but there is a slight chance some individual muslims do". This part, I loudly laughed my pants off. :D
  5. Arash_Tombangir

    Othello, a tragedy by William Shakespeare

    Act; I & II Desdemona and Othello in an innocent and intimate conversation. Can't imagine Jared "Rodrigo" Kushner will let it go homely. There will be revenge, which ends with a tragedy, the death of Desdemona. Act; III Le Finale Kushner accuses her but she declares herself innocent, he...
  6. Arash_Tombangir

    This is China, we're the Young force of the people's republic

    Now this is real deal Chinaskaya crap Rap, lovely commie propaganda machine as its best, delirious on the top. hAji-boy comrades working for commie govern, bloody hired commie-gangstaRappers, muhah haaaahhaa. CD Rev (ChengDu Revolution), the Red dragon aint no evil! This is what we gona have...
  7. Arash_Tombangir

    If you take out Saddam...... I guarantee you enormous positive reverberations on the region

    If you take out Saddam "Cocksucker told Congress in 2002", I guarantee you that it will have enormous positive reverberations on the region. The bloody goop with that HUGE fucking mouth was on it real bad back then. He obviously and literally love to send American troops to never-ending wars...
  8. Arash_Tombangir

    Judo - Grand-Slam Paris 2019

    oh bloody sad..... poor, poor fighter... he sure was ordered to lose to avoid the Israeli in the next fight! Motherfucking IR-bastards! Indeed sad!
  9. Arash_Tombangir

    It was fine as long as it lasted!

    Thank you TM for the last two-three weeks. Never ever will give you up. There will be another day, another game and another Final game... and I will be there too! Shame on you haters.....
  10. Arash_Tombangir

    The Three Musketeers in an unusual and exciting activity

    Fight vs wanna-be hAji-thieves using swords in Mississauga, Ontario LOL.....Canada....what a country it has become.
  11. Arash_Tombangir

    Ancient Persian (Parsi/Farsi) script vs Ancient Aramaic (Chaldean) script

    In my quest to learn more of the Persian (Farsi) language and above all to write and read, I have achieved a barely and fairly mixed results, no doubt I need to learn a lot more. I can perceive the language and I can speak just plainly, what I need more is to write and read all these crumbles &...
  12. Arash_Tombangir

    hAji sings call to prayer after converting to Islam

    They say she is cured and not crazy anymore, God Bless! I really hope she won't attending sandies embassy in Istanbul applying for Visa going hAjj. She changes her name to Sandie O'Conner . . . O'Conner in her prime..... just a reminder, the song was written by Prince
  13. Arash_Tombangir

    hAji spent £1,6 million per year on clothes & luxury

    The wife of a “fat cat international banker” who has spent £16 million in Harrods during a decade can now be identified as Zamira hAji-yeva, now she is fighting to quash the brit's first seizure of wealth order under so called McMafia laws. Poor hard working lady.
  14. Arash_Tombangir

    UFC 229 LIVE McGregor vs Khabib Live Stream

    Fight in Vegas in 4 hours from now! I bet McGregor ass goin' busted by Putin's runboy this evening, McGregor has become a fuckin' clown!
  15. Arash_Tombangir

    Brett Kavanaugh testify before senate committee – Live stream......

    Damn, he's fucked..... the job is done! Turn off your VP shield for a better quality!
  16. Arash_Tombangir

    Harassment parade in Egypt

    Muslim Brotherhood, I mean the REAL....REAL Islam....this is how it works!
  17. Arash_Tombangir

    Sisters & bros...Welcome to the brand new US of A, the wonderful utopia...Trademark hAji Donald Trump

    The boozed-up South Carolina warm-wet snuggly mama pulled over for blowing past a stop sign at 60 mph told cops "I am very clean, thoroughbred, white girl"....and should not be arrested. When officers asked what exactly that meant, Cutshaw replied, "You’re a cop, you should know what that means."
  18. Arash_Tombangir


    AMERICA FIRST.... AMERICA FIRST...ya mothafuckers....amen! coming 10 August 2018 (USA) In case you missed his Press Conference while ago @ Cannes 2018
  19. Arash_Tombangir

    World Cup 2018 - Only Images and Video Clips

    Start it with the Magic Kiss or the Kiss of the God!