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  1. Behrooz_C

    Who is going to score Iran's next goal?

    Just for fun guys :)
  2. Behrooz_C

    A betting system that can't fail

    For those of you who like a flutter, I have discovered a betting system that overall leaves you quids in. There will be losses, but you have to be patient. Here is how it goes: You bet on every game being a draw. No score prediction, just bet on the full time result being a draw. It doesn't...
  3. Behrooz_C

    World Cup quiz

    The World Cup in Russia is the first one ever to start on a Thursday. Can anyone guess why? It's very cunning if you can.
  4. Behrooz_C

    USA Visa for Iranians

    Can someone confirm whether Iranians with a passport from a VWP country need to obtain a visa to the US? I want to take the kids to Disney this summer and we have UK passports but also been to Iran earlier this year for a visit. The information on doesn't clarify whether we...
  5. Behrooz_C

    Data recovery

    Guys, I need technical help. My daughter accidentally poured soap water over my portable Seagate hard drive. I have since been unable to access the drive. I have so much of value on that drive, including photos of the children since they were born. Does anyone know how I can recover the files...
  6. Behrooz_C

    Euro 2016 verdict

    Overall, a very stale, uneventful, easily forgettable tournament. I am talking from a purely footballing point of view. There were no magical moments that will live long in the memory. Too many sideways and back passes, too many teams playing cautious football. Even the few big name players were...
  7. Behrooz_C

    Help: Yahoo has taken over my browser

    Has anyone experienced this and found a fix? It seems that yahoo search engine has taken over all my browsers. I hate yahoo and for years I have used google as the most convenient and complete search engine. I bought a new HP laptop and it was fine for the first few days but now yahoo has taken...
  8. Behrooz_C

    Did you know these people are Iranian? :)

    Just found out :)
  9. Behrooz_C

    آیت***الله خزعلی در سنّ ۹۰ سالگی به گاا رفت.

    البته آخوندی حساب کنیم جوون مرگ شد بنده خدا. :)
  10. Behrooz_C

    کجا میری؟ هر جا بیشتر پول بدن.

    اون آقایی که شادی پس از گلش بریدن سر عربها بود به باشگاهی به نام القادسیه پیوست .... :)
  11. Behrooz_C

    احمدی*** تو قبر.

    یکی*** خاک می***ریخت رو سرش...
  12. Behrooz_C

    فوتبال دفاعي

    وقتي از فوتبال دفاعي و شانس و اقبال حرف ميزنيم از چي حرف ميزنيم؟ جديدا يه سري از دوستان حس خود برزيل پنداريشون بيدار شده و اعتراض دارن چرا تيم كيروش دفاعي بازي ميكنه و چقدر خوش شانسه و بازيش زيبا نيست و اينا. والا من تا اونجايي كه يادم مياد بهترين خاطره از نسل طلايي فوتبالمون كيسه گل شدن...
  13. Behrooz_C

    حماسه ۹ دی***

    فردا ۹ دی روزیه که رژیم یک عدّهٔ کارمند و مزدور رو با اتوبوس و ساندیس و چلو کباب کشوند تو خیابونها تا به اصطلاح خودشون جواب دندون شکنی به اعتراضات انتخابات ۸۸ بدن. این روزها اگر کسی تلویزیون جمهوری اسلامی رو تماشا کنه یک چیزی رو خیلی زود متوجه میشه و اون اینه که با تبلیغات جای مظلوم و ظالم...
  14. Behrooz_C

    Sydney Cafe siege

    اینهایی که تو سیدنی رفتن گروگان گرفتن اسلام واقعی نیستن. از الان بگم. :p
  15. Behrooz_C


    خاک تو سر خیار کنن، که با این همه سابقه کار یه لامپ اومد جاشو گرفت :)
  16. Behrooz_C

    Is it true?

    شنیدم که باشگاه پرسپولیس تصمیم داره نتیجه ۶-۰ ۴۰ سال پیش رو جشن بگیره. آیا این حقیقت داره؟ خدا کنه حقیقت باشه... آای بخندیم بهشون. :)
  17. Behrooz_C

    Burgers and Bullets!

    Not exactly my favourite day out, but apparently kids as young as 9 y/o can UZI 360 degrees around them! You can even hold birthday parties!!!! Only in America!!! The burgers look good though :)
  18. Behrooz_C

    vine movies

    Do you guys know how to embed vine movies here? I'd just like to say that the introduction of vine has taken internet at least 10 years back. It's worse than gif.
  19. Behrooz_C

    Fernandon't Scorres

    LOL. 985763321941910.mp4?versionId=vqhcSfsOwjeA54Ed7yTU pm62TtFBSTxZ