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  1. YePaDoPa

    Is Branko the next TM coach?

    It is clear that CQ is not happy as the head coach of TM these days and is looking for an excuse to leave. Who do you think will be a good replacement for him? I honestly would prefer Mamad Mayeli over Branko! I know Perspolis has been doing really well this year but that is mostly due to the...
  2. YePaDoPa

    Mahdi Mahdavi retires from national volleyball team!

    He seems such a nice guy and loved by everyone around him! Khasteh Nabashi Delavar! Best wishes to Mehdi mahdavi :)
  3. YePaDoPa

    Iran women Futsal team in the Final against Japan

    Women futsal team won the match 1-0 with 18' goal by Fereshte Karimi. Hats off to them for their fighting sprite and all the bullshit they have to deal with.
  4. YePaDoPa

    Dream Team of the 1360s in Iran,

    This is the team I fell in love with when I was 10 years of age and became a EsEs fan in 1360. Good old days! :) I used to go to this boutique called Ghaznavi in felestin(Kakh) square from time to time to meet the players. They were friend with the owner and used to hang out there some...
  5. YePaDoPa

    football tricks with team jerseys of the WC teams!

    Some amazing shots!
  6. YePaDoPa

    IRAN is great! That's what this family says about Iran.

    This is heartwarming, :)
  7. YePaDoPa

    question about Iranians living out of Iran

    I was wondering if there has been any studies or any data available on number of Iranians living in Europe and North America? I'm interested to know things such as education, age, years out of Iran, integration into workforce and assimilation to the host country's culture, language etc.? what...
  8. YePaDoPa

    Freestyle World Cup in LA

    IRAN has defeted Armenia 7-0 so far. Next is Turkey followed by USA tonight. You can watch it here:
  9. YePaDoPa

    Ehsan Hadadi

    He is a true Pahlevan. Dardo Balash to sare baziha:
  10. YePaDoPa

    Master piece Shahname by Hamid Rahmanian,

    This a wonderful work of art and literary to promote and introduce Shahname in the west! Hamid Rahmanian spent more than 10000 hours working on paintings and putting together this master piece. If interested in purchasing it please order it from his web site rather than amazon. He said to me...
  11. YePaDoPa

    Is this goal allowed?

    How could this be!
  12. YePaDoPa

    Michael Richards reunites with Jerry Seinfeld

    These guys are naturally funny! It is amazing how Kramer admits his past mistake!
  13. YePaDoPa

    IPL Week 4 [R]

    I know the Gold medal today was so sweet that nobody cares for IPL week four. Please update week 4 results here. Our pespesi fans don't be shy! please let us know what was the result of today's game against Saba? 2-0 is not as bad as 4-0 :D
  14. YePaDoPa

    Att: Pooya

    this was on yahoo front page and Pooya was the first name that came to my mind! I suggest you start planning your trip now ;-) Cheers,
  15. YePaDoPa

    Iran won the world wrestling championship!
  16. YePaDoPa

    Longi Nameh!

    This is cruel but does not take away from the Sher! لنگی نامه (شرح مختصری بر تاریخ ننگین لنگیان) دریغا در این روزگاران چهار سیَه کرد بر لُنگیان روزگار چنان اوفتادش به خشتک چهار که هر چهار بُرجش شده تار و مار ز چرخ چهارم فلک داد زد که زاییده اند لنگیان زیر بار خرِ لَنگ لُنگی و پالان گشاد سِزَد...
  17. YePaDoPa

    She is the youngest Ferdosi reciter!

    I'm not being ultra nationalistic here but we owe more to Ferdosi than all other poets in Iran! Basi ranj bordam dar in sale see Ajam zende kardam bedin Parsi
  18. YePaDoPa

    spelling of Nowruz!

    I have seen many different spelling of the word. just like anything else Iranian it is hard to agree on the same thing!
  19. YePaDoPa

    Poor Perspolis Fan!

    That is one hell of a fan!
  20. YePaDoPa

    IRI can not tolerate 90 any longer!

    Looks like IR can not and will not tolerate 90 and Ferdosipour anymore!