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  1. Mahdi

    Ronaldinho joins evangelical conservative party Definitely the new Pele in terms of being a bigot and snakeoil salesman.
  2. Mahdi

    Anyone into Road Cycling?

    Anyone here into Road Cycling? I picked it up 2.5 years ago and it's the only thing that makes me relax and chill. It's my kind of meditation. Anyone else into it? if yes, we should share Strava and such.
  3. Mahdi

    So who's voting who?

    Pretty sure we have some Trump guys here
  4. Mahdi

    The Camera Thread

    Feel free to post anything you like about cameras, even mobile phone cameras, except for unqualified crap like "mobile camera almost as good as DSLR". My current crush object for a camera: Camera I'm working on to get fixed...
  5. Mahdi

    Attention brazil and pele fans

  6. Mahdi


    First of all, I would like to say how disappointed I am that there hasn't been a single NFL thread this season on ISP and how we have lost the edge and everything with regards to the only sport left that is actually manly and interesting and summarizes the pinnacle of athleticism. If we ever try...
  7. Mahdi

    Iran gives up 3 Persian Gulf Islands Wow....that's...incredible.. WTF???
  8. Mahdi

    Congratulations to Ronaldinho

    He finally won a title with a club that is not Barcelona.... :D * Atletico beat Olimpia 4-3 in penalty shootout * Win 2-0 on night to draw 2-2 on aggregate (Adds detail, quotes, byline) By...
  9. Mahdi

    Breaking: Sir Alex retires

    WOW And I guess Mou will have a second job option..
  10. Mahdi

    Windows Blue Way to go Microsoft....obviously, no one will associate BLUE with the damn screen that turned up more or less all the time between Windows 95-Windows Vista. (Does 7 still have the blue screen?)...
  11. Mahdi

    IR exports Good news for all of us...we always thought that IR only harms us and gives benefits and good to other countries...little did we know that they support all kinds of civilian...
  12. Mahdi

    Malaga - Madrid [R]

    He benched Iker, he plans to bench Iker...I always knew that he really meant it when he said it.. One of us was all a plan to destroy Madrid.
  13. Mahdi

    Vilanova suffers relapse Guess after yesterday's good news about the renovations and Abidal getting green light, we had to get this shit.. fuck
  14. Mahdi

    The football tactical trends of 2012
  15. Mahdi

    Anyone has a PS3 (Madden 13 and FIFA 13)?

    So yeah...anyone up to play either of the 2 on PS3? If you want Madden, I'm YMG, FIFA it's YARISMUSICGROUP
  16. Mahdi


    Not a Redskins fan but really excited to watch RGIII play. I would pick Packers, NYGs, Texans and Ravens to make it to conference finals but it's always too early to predict before a game has been kicked off. Anyway... NFL GREATEST LEAGUE ON EARTH FOR THE GREATEST SPORT ON EARTH That is...
  17. Mahdi

    On Lance Armstrong

    I made fun of people back in the days because they said he didn't dope. Of course he doped, but so did everyone else. Just look at people finishing behind him, they all got banned for doping or for being involved in doping. Hence, the belief that one guy didn't dope while everyone else did but...
  18. Mahdi

    NBA playoffs

    A bit late but overwhelmed by Rondo's incredible game last night...however.. Why didn't Wade give thanks to David Stern post game? I don't get it...I have never ever in my entire life seen a game where every damn big and wrong decision went for only one team. Usually refs fuck up in a way that...
  19. Mahdi

    101 Great goals
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    Hey Big Spender <a...