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    2019-2020 Iran's Persian gulf pro league start date & schedule of games?

    Does anyone know the start date and schedule of games for 2019-2020 Iran's Persian gulf football league?
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    Fox News Host "Dana Perino" calls Iran, Tehran a crappy place to live on live TV on 1-31-2019

    In response to a ban on walking dogs in iran, Dan Perino calls iran Tehran a crappy place to live, I don't think she has even been to iran. Fox news channel is a strong donald Trump supporter network and is Anti-iran. (we are all mostly anti iranian government but why call our beloved country...
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    Links for watching iran games online HD preferably with English commentary please?

    Could you please put links for iran games so we can watch them online high definition? I know there are a few different online routes iran games can be watched high definition with English commentary. (myoplay auto message says I need to update my flash player even though its updated and I can...
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    Iran- Yemen broadcast on Pars TV, why was the quality of Broadcast so poor & not HD?

    Anybody watch the iran-yemen game on Pars TV? The quality was extremely poor as if they were showing a game that took place 40 years ago. I think pars TV has bought the rights to Iran games at Asian cup but it looked like they were streaming it from an English channel and had the logo of that...
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    Iranian TV & Radio channels on satellite TV, Few questions please

    Hello guys, I am on trial period with Glwiz watching iranian TV channels & am shocked by the number of Iranian channels ( there are so many, can't even count how many there are anymore), The last time I actually had any Persian TV channels on satellite was 12 years ago when I literally had the...
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    Where to watch 2019 Asian cup games in United States? Los Angeles Area

    Hey guys, Since None of the TV sports channels in united states are showing the 2019 Asian cup games, I am curious how you are watching the games from here & if there is anyplace in los Angeles (san Fernando valley area) to watch the games??? Some of the Sports channels in US show the African...
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    معافی سربازی

    .شنیدم بعد از یک سنی معافی سربازی برای ایرانیان خارج از کشور داده میشود لطفا اگر میدانید چه سنی است بگویید. لطفا اگر جواب را نمیدانید کامنت نگذارید. متشکرم
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    Anyone knows the exact time of IRAN vs UAE (LOS ANGELES TIME) for the 3rd game???

    Does anyone know the exact time of IRAN's 3rd game vs UAE in Pacific time zone?(I am asking because I need to plan in advance) I already know the time for IRAN's 2nd game vs. Qatar, need to know the Los angeles start time vs the UAE. Thank you in Advance
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    Anyone knows the name of this song and singer?

    here is some of the lyrics: اما افسوس که خیال بافم وساده٫ دنبال حقیقتم پای پیاده its a female singer, Thanks in Advance
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    I have a feeling IRAN and England will be in the same group at World Cup 2014

    England just qualified and I have feeling we'll be in the same group. England is great at club level but not as good at the international level. I have a feeling we'll do well if we end up in the same group and could possibly get all 3 points :4kerim:
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    what a bloody awful line up for TM.....was this iran's B team or C team?

    I am a CQ fan but what the heck was he thinking? This line up would have been good for a preparation game to test some players, not for a WCQ game on the road against uzbekistan. where was aghili? Heydari has been one of the hottest and most prepared player in IRAN and he brings him in for...
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    Is Kuwait National Football Team Dying? KUWAIT: Kuwait Football Association (KFA) may suspend national team activities and a number of local competitions due to a lack of funding. A KD2 million grant paid just seven months ago by His Highness the Amir...
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    where do they dub american movies into Farsi

    I just happen to flip through persian satellites networks out of LA. and saw an american movie that had been translated into farsi recently. the dubbing was very impressive and flawless with the lip movement, picking the right voice for the lead actor, using persian phrases and so on. I am sure...
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    RAH AHAN FC......12 draws out of 16 games........a record?

    Rah Ahan FC has 12 draws out of 16 games with 1 win and 3 losses and we are not even at mid-season yet. I am curious to know if that is some sort of record for DRAWS for one leg of the games IN HISTORY OF IRAN FOOTBALL. It may even be a record in history of club football worldwide (in one leg...
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    What was wrong with the Bahrani Team?????

    first off, I am glad we beat the hell out of these grass rollers and saudi flag bearers. But what puzzles me is that they didn't even have 1 decent chance on our goal, NOT EVEN ONE. (rahmati barely touched the ball) On defensive end, Bahrain played none, we could have scored another 6 goals...
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    Reasons behind sepahan coach and some players separation from the team?

    shortly after sepahan won the title, Ghalenoei was talking about extending his contract and staying at esfehan and it seemed like the team with stay intact. does anyone knows what caused his separation and several of sepahan players going to different teams?
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    Who would you rather see win the iranian premier league

    I don't normally take sides but this year I rather see zob ahan win it because: 1) they have busted their ass all year staying on top of the table, it would be devastating for them to lose it at the end 2) because of the fact that sepahan has the best iranian footballers at the moment...
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    Yadesh bekhir........

    I have heard he could make a song with lyrics within a few minutes.....he had so much life in him, always upbeat. Yadesh bekhir The Islamic Republic kills anyone, students, entertainers, young, old, women with stoning, stabbing, firing squat you name it...
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    We blame Queiroz for not taking the Job in IRAN but.......

    I find it amazing that we blame Queiroz (a foreigner) for not taking the job in IRAN and not wanting to live there for 4 years dealing with unpredictable Islamic republic whereas most of us on this board are not even living in iran or wanting to live under the rule of these people killing...
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    Egyptian revolution!!!! iranian revolution????

    It seems there is going to be a revolution in Egypt and what gets me is that the uprising only started just a few days ago and the impact has been incredible and soon mubarak will be removed from power. 1 uprising-------->revolution Then I look at our own country, how many uprising has...