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    And now Yemen Yemen Follows Tunisia's Lead: Thousands Demand Ouster Of President Ali Abdullah Saleh AHMED AL-HAJ 01/22/11 07:07 PM ADEN, Yemen — Drawing inspiration from the revolt in Tunisia...
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    Pahlevoon (Nayeb), kojaei dadash?

    It's been a while since he has posted. Hope he is doing ok.
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    Ayatolloh Montazeri and His Letters/Lectures

    I've been searching for transcripts or audio/video of Montazeri and his criticism of Khomeini in 1988 and before. I have not really been able to find anything. The reason that this is of interest to me is because i had a discussion with someone who said that Montazeris criticism of Khomeini's...
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    Where is Javeed?

    Its been quite a while since i've seen him around. Anyone know of his whereabouts?
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    the guy is doing a concert at Club Nokia: It will be his ruin!!!
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    Where is Artesh?

    What will it take for them to intervene and who are the current leaders?
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    A Must Read Blog From Iran

    (From a friend, from Tehran) Tehran, 4.30 local time, Enghelab Street I meet with my students on Saturdays for a private class. We cook and eat together, then talk of philosophy. This time there is no class. We only try to keep up our morale. We are very determined but scared. That is how...
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    Roozeh Pedar Mobaarak

    Happy fathers day to all of the brave and compassionate Iranian Fathers out there. Happy fathers day to Mr. Agha Soltan, who lost his daughter to the murderous thugs out there. Mr. Soltani, we are all indebted to your daughter. Having raised such a brave and beautiful woman reflects on the...
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    Tactical Weaknesses

    Apart from having a decent coach, the #1 reason for our TM's dissapointing results is a number of tactical deficiencies. 1) SET PIECES- Perhaps the most important of our tactical weaknesses, this is an area that we have always had problems in, especially on corners. Our players lose their...
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    Poetry Question

    I was wondering if any of you guys know anything about the translation of poems from farsi to other Languages. I have a edition of Rubaiyat khayyam that is accompanied by a french and an english translation along with the original farsi text. The problem is, neither the french translation nor...
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    Ando Jaan, Kojayeee?

    One thing that has become very obvious to me from watching the last couple of games is that our defense just doesn't cut it, and we need a player who stays ~10-20 meters in front of our defense at all times and destroys the apponents attacks. Someone who has a nack for anti-football. Someone...
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    The Future of Ali Daei

    First of all, I want to start off by saying that I have lost all my respect for this man. I used to think of his as a role model for Irans youth because of his hardworking nature and his never give up attitude. But those positive character traits have been replaced by the egomanaical and...
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    OFFICIAL Real Madrid Bashing THREAD

    Real should take a page out of liverpools book and actually stick with a coach for once.
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    Iranian kids = Cutest kids ever :--bighug:
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    For the Philosophical Mind

    Edit: How do I attach a PDF file? Ok, here it is. It's a long read but its definately worth the time spent in my opinion. I had no idea that the idea of a noncontingent being was first brought up by Ibn Sina. Legenhausen_The Proof _ _ 2008.pdf - 0.16MB
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    Tabriz's Historical Bazaar

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    Absolutism vs. Relativity

    A philosophical question, from a discussion that me and bi-honar had a long while back. Is there such a thing as the absolute truth, and does it exist in all cases? Or, is truth relative to human perception and therefore dependant on it? In other words, does 2+2 ALWAYS equal 4? I would...
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    Great. Russia Invades Gearogia TBLISI, Georgia (CNN) -- Georgia's president said Friday that his country is under attack by Russian tanks and warplanes, and he accused Russia of targeting civilians as tensions over the breakaway Georgian region of South...
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    Hoax of the Lost Amazon Tribe

    Anyone remember this? The Not-So-Lost Tribe by Mike Krumboltz June 23, 2008 06:09:40 PM Even in an age when cynical sleuths can hyper-analyze stories for truth and accuracy, the occasional hoax still slips through the cracks. Such was the case with a...
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    Everyone but Niloufar Khanoom click here,geo=4709484.html Mehdi looks to be in great shape.