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  1. zoozanagheh

    Is he Rah-Ahn's old goal keepr?

    Does this picture belong to Hossein Raghfar, goalie of Rah-Ahan and possibly national youth team before the revolution, and a hezbollahi and IRI official accused of involvement in society's suppression after the revolution? if I am not mistaken he not only played for TM youth but also was...
  2. zoozanagheh

    Here we go again ... هر دم از این باغ بری می رسد

    I am starting a new thread so we can post material related to what sometimes comes out of our country which have a funny sound and look but they are no joke, and show the reality of what those who desire to build a modern society in Iran have to deal with. These funny occurrences and obstacles...
  3. zoozanagheh

    Jamileh anyone?

    Anyone remembers Jamileh? The famous per-revolution dancer? Of course I do not expect the younger generation or those raised abroad to have heard of her. I personally was not a fan of her but it was interesting to see her after so long and happy to find her in a good health. Just to help...
  4. zoozanagheh

    Copa America 2019

    Reportedly USA and Qatar are invited to the next edition of Copa America to be held in Brazil. Copa America 2019 will consist of 16 nations of which 6 teams will most likely be invited from AFC or CONCACAF. Rumor has it that Japan, the only Asian team to play at the CONMEBOL tournament in...
  5. zoozanagheh

    Akhoonds looking for escorts

  6. zoozanagheh

    Gorohban Garcia and Lizard007

    This aint a joke, but LOL.... روایت سرلشکر فیروزآبادی از روش‌ها و ابزار مختلف جاسوسی در یک دهه اخیر/ استفاده از سوسمار، مارمولک و آفتاب‌پرست برای جذب امواج اتمی...
  7. zoozanagheh

    Quran promises Rasins not Virgins

  8. zoozanagheh

    TM List (May 2016)

    Tractor's Souroush Rafiei and Bakhtiyar Rahmani; ESt. Khuzestan's Tayebi, Zahivi are among the invitees, Khosro Heydari not included رفیعی و رحمانی هم هستند...
  9. zoozanagheh

    IFF = Iran Fist Fighting Federation

    Following last week's news of verbal and physical clash between Mayeli and Kafashian, in past few days there has been another fist fighting at IFF, this time between Asadi and Ghanbarzadeh (CEO of Naft Club): یقه گیری دبیرکل فدراسیون فوتبال درخیابان! از...
  10. zoozanagheh

    Talents Abroad and Potential TM Call Up

    Now that the next round of WCQ is around the corner, in addition to the domestic talent, it does not hurt to keep track of talented players of Iranian origin playing abroad. According to this article, both Iraqis and Iranians are after a young Irish player of Kurdish origin. The article is...
  11. zoozanagheh

    ex-TM player seeking asylum?

    There were reports of an ex-TM player seeking asylum from UK, now it's speculated that it is Mehrdad Pouladi who is after it: مهرداد پولادی برای همیشه رفت؟! احتمال این که «مهرداد پولادی» فهرست ورزشکاران ایرانی که طی سه دهه اخیر به غرب و شرق پناهنده شده***اند را کامل کند، بسیار است...
  12. zoozanagheh

    Stadium Azadi seats and repairs

    Following TM staff demands and public & media pressure, repairs are finally being done to TM practice field (few months late nooshdaroo for the latest round of WCQ...). Now the focus is on the Azadi seats. Again the media has played a role to put pressure on officials to pay attention to this...
  13. zoozanagheh

    Panama Papers

    Journalists investigating a Panama-based firm, which sells offshore shell companies, purport to show corruption and questionable business practices of the world’s politicians, billionaires, entertainers, athletes, drug barons, and others. There is a...
  14. zoozanagheh

    AZ Alkmaar to play Perspolis
  15. zoozanagheh

    از مایلی کهن تا نعلچگر، از دهداری تا سوشا: ف

    Interesting read: ۱۱ بهمن ۱۳۹۴ از مایلی***کهن تا نعلچگر، از دهداری تا سوشا: فوتبال و اخلاق اسلامی امیر...
  16. zoozanagheh

    Story Of TM Omid In A Nutshell

    آیا مسوولان نمی دانستند تیم امید صعود نمی کند؟ عصرایران ؛ مهدی شادمانی - نقطه سر خط . امروز در انتهای همان خطی هستیم که بیش از یک سال قبل برای تیم ملی امید طراحی شد. خطی از دخالت و فشار برفدراسیون فوتبال گرفته تا برکناری نلو وینگادا و حذف کرانچار و سکوت...
  17. zoozanagheh

    Was this the last chance to advance to Olympics for Iran's football?

    4 decades has passed since Iran's football was able to participate in the Olympics final tourney. It seems like this year might have been the last chance for our football. Apparently there are talks about replacing football with futsal after Rio Olympics, in which case qualifying for it should...
  18. zoozanagheh

    factions clash over TM Omid

    جنگ لفظی تهران و دوحه حمله تند مدیرتیم امید به وزیر ورزش! (عکس)...
  19. zoozanagheh

    Kafashian under investigation

    Apparently Kafashian office was searched by an unnamed organization/office. The ettelaati guy, Hasani-khoo (Alikhani) who is considered by many as the man behind the curtain in Iran's sport with more power than the sport minister has acknowledged the investigation. حسنی خو: اگر لازم بود، اسم...
  20. zoozanagheh

    Here we go again: Traxtor changing coach

    مذاکره مخفیانه تراکتور با قلعه نویی و احتمالا توافق با خطیبی! تونی اولیویرا سرمربی تراکتورسازی استعفا داده و امشب هیات مدیره این باشگاه درباره توافق مالی با این مربی بحث کرد. به گزارش خبرگزاری خبرآنلاین؛ خبرهای رسیده از تبریز حکایت از آن دارد که باشگاه تراکتورسازی موافق استعفای تونی...