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    SUAREZ could face up to 2 years WORLDWIDE ban for bite Knowing FIFA though, they're a soft touch and probably wont impose anything near the maximum! In my opinion, this filthy animal has form, this is the third time he'll be appearing for biting alone...
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    This one is for InDaMoney! Here's what your "pundits" think! Iran are better than both England and Spain Sure, Iran are fairly limited in the final third, but then so were England and Spain. Crucially, however, Carlos Queiroz's side are...
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    3 Day Tour De Toronto

    Hello friends, The family and I will be travelling to the US and Canada in June/July. Our itinerary will take us to Toronto for 3 days. We will be staying in Downtown. As I know many ISP-ers are Toronto residents, I thought I might get good tips for sightseeing, places to visit, "must do"...
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    US leads walk out on Ahmadinejad's anti-West speech Iran anti-West speech sparks UN walkout September 23, 2011 - 6:39AM AFP Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has gone on the warpath against the West at the United Nations again, sparking...
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    Maradona v Messi

    I'm a great admirer of Lionel Messi. Not since Maradona have I enjoyed watching someone play as much as I like watching Messi. And in the ensuing period there has been many "great" players. Cantona, Ronaldo (the brazillian one), Rivaldo, Zidane just to name a few.... I know that its unfair to...
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    2 fantastic shows on Australian TV about Iran!

    On Wednesday night there was 2 shows on Australian TV channel SBS about Iran. The first was a French language animation "Persepolis" (with English subtitles) which tells the story of the life of a girl and her family from just before the revolution until she grows up. It was then followed by a...
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    My take on the next coach of Iran!

    Guys, I've come to the realisation that it doesn't matter who the next coach of TM is. Whether its Hiddink or MK it won't make much of a difference to our football in the long term. Sure, Hiddink maybe able to get us to a world cup and win the Asian Cup, but what happens after he leaves...
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    I'm sick of excuses!

    We lost because in 30 years we haven't learnt that in tounrament football you need to lift your game to a higher level with each game. You just can't simply rely on your form from the group stage to take you right through. Excuse after excuse is simply not good enough. Yes the core of our...
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    My take on the refereeing in WC2010

    Poor refereeing has plagued every tournament in my living memory but generally the level of play and the drama of the momentum changes in games itself made one put those to the side. I think the reason why this time around there seems to be more press against the refereeing errors was simply...
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    My take on spain so far....

    Before I start let me just say I'm "neutral" on spain. As in, I didn't favour them to win the world cup, but at the same time I really wouldn't mind if they did. Obviously this is a very talented team with half the starting 11 knowing each other real well from their club Barcelona. They are...
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    Brazil v. Holland Live Updates & Post Game

    Anthems are done! Brazil heavy favourites. Typical Betting Agencies: Brazil 1.65 Holland 4.75 Draw 3.30
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    Paraguay v. Japan (R) Live Updates

    This should be a good game! After Holland put us through a torture test yesterday!
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    Asian report card at WC2010!

    At group level Asian nations played 12 matches for 4 wins, 2 draws and 6 losses! Here's the breakdown against each continent: Asia v. Europe Played 6 Won 3 Lost 3 Scored 7 conceded 14 Asia v. Africa Played 4 Won 1 Lost 1 Draw 2 Scored 4 Conceded 6 Asia v. South America Played 2...
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    WC2010. Lowest ever goals per game average!

    After group stages is complete, this world cup has been the dryest in terms of goals per game on record! Below are stats of Goal per game averages after the group stages of the post war world cups. And if the last 2 world cups are any indication, the goal average dries up even further in the...
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    Now is the time for the "minnows" to stand out not chicken out!

    With the likes of South Korea, Ghana, Paraguay, Slovakia, Japan, USA in the second round, its time for these teams to continue their good work that's lead them to the knockout stages and not go into a (defensive) shell! They are now the prides of their respective countries! There's no shame in...
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    South America v. Africa

    In 2010, for the first time in World Cup history, there are more African nations than South American nations present. After 2 rounds of group matches here are the stats: Africa: Played 12 Win: 1 Draw: 4 Loss: 7 Goals scored: 6 Goals conceded: 15 South America: Played: 10 Win: 8 Draw: 2 Loss...
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    Italy v. New Zealand (R)

    I didn't see a thread for this game. Sorry if I broke any rules opening a thread! Game's just kicked off!
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    Goal stats of the 2010 WC compared to others!

    Now that everyone has played at least one game I'm putting up the goal stats of this world cup compared to that of previous world cups at the same stages. some very interesting finds in there but nothing that we haven't been noticing. On the second page, you'll also see the goals per...
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    where's westi?

    Not like him to be missing for such a long time? Did he lose a bet or something??? Mahdi khan kojaee?
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    Why are some of you even bothering???? (R 18+)

    Why bother trying to have a civilised discussion with these jaa kesh hezbollahis on this forum??? Are their mother fucker arbaabs and basiji friends extending the same courtesy to our hamvatans in Iran? Did Neda and many others die from the wounds of a debate or a bullet? In dayoosaa...