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  1. tajrish

    من كافرم

    I agree with everything this guy says من كافرم من به خدايى كه نوبت همخوابگى پيامبرش مهمتر از نفى برده دارى است، كافرم... من به خدايى كه دستور كشتن ناباورانش را ميدهد، كافرم... من به خدايى كه راهى بهتر از قطع عضو براى اصلاح جامعه ندارد، كافرم... من به خدايى كه منبع تنفر است و حتى از مخلوقات...
  2. tajrish

    Caspian sea agreement - Another disaster under IR

    Caspian Sea: Five countries sign deal to end dispute -
  3. tajrish

    To our married members: Beware falling asleep on the plane

    LOL. God bless Iranian women.
  4. tajrish

    Football Reforms Interesting suggestions. Some are really no brainers and should be adopted immediately.
  5. tajrish

    who's the best midfielder in EPL?

    Interested to know who you think is the best. My vote goes to Eriksen (I know, I am biased here), but statistics supports me.
  6. tajrish

    Some interesting Indian music videos

    My favorite:
  7. tajrish

    What a F***ed up country...

    The atrocities committed by this regime is not only limited to its citizens but the poor dogs have to suffer the consequences of having a fucked up religious government in charge of our country as well. These poor dogs, like their human friends, are being tortured and murdered daily by these...
  8. tajrish

    A Beautiful Animation Video of the Greatest World Cup Goals

    Brought up so many memories.
  9. tajrish

    The cutting of fuel subsidies by Rouhani's Government

    The subsidies are set to be removed by the end of midnight tonight (April 24th). It will be a true test for this Government and for the regime to see how people are going to react to the increased costs of nearly everything in the near future. In my opinion, this decision will be the beginning...
  10. tajrish

    Europe Immigration Problems

    There is no obvious solution for this problem, but it just doesn't look good for the Europeans. I don't know why U.S. is better in assimilating its immigrants, but for whatever reason, Europeans just can't handle this situation, which I believe will end really badly for all parties involved...
  11. tajrish

    Does AIPAC influence the American Foreign Policy?

    I am reading a lot of comments about the influence of AIPAC on American Foreign policy, but is it really the case? In my opinion, if they did influence the U.S. policy to the extend that is suggested by many, we would have seen a strike on Iran many years ago. There is no doubt that they play a...
  12. tajrish

    Casillas is a class act!!!

  13. tajrish

    Rate of inflation in Iran

    This kinds of wraps it up:
  14. tajrish

    Discovering Three-Sided Football

    This is really strange, but I bet it could be really fun to play or even watch.
  15. tajrish

    This is really amazing!!!

    Fascinating pictorial account of a tribe’s first account with a white man. Such strong faces and intelligent eyes. They had never seen a white man before and their reactions were amazing. This was filmed in l976.
  16. tajrish

    Another feather in the cap of IR

    Washington (CNN) -- Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, the head of a network of Christian house churches in Iran, could be executed as soon as midnight Wednesday in Tehran for refusing to recant his religious beliefs and convert to Islam, said the chair of a commission that monitors religious freedom...
  17. tajrish

    Woody Allen's reincarnation wish!!!

    In my next life I want to live my life backwards. You start out dead and get that out of the way. Then you wake up in an old people's home feeling better every day. You get kicked out for being too healthy, go collect your pension, and then when you start work, you get a gold watch and a party...
  18. tajrish

    This is pretty neat.
  19. tajrish

    Choosing death at the end of the road

    Assisted suicide is a controversial subject but for no rational reason. In my opinion, assisted suicide should be an option for those terminally ill patients who are suffering and want an end to it. I have no idea that in a country where capital punishment is still a common practice, why would...
  20. tajrish

    Greatest Rock Songs of All Time (according to Bache Shemroon)

    OK, I am biased, and I admit to it but at least I am honest about it: