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    Iran Persian Gulf Pro League 2020-2021 Fixtures , News, Transfers, Match Updates [R]

    new league started yesterday. R Date Home Score Away HT Crowd 1 11/6/2020 Aluminium Arak 0 - 3 Nassaji MAZ 0-1 NC 1 11/6/2020 Saipa TEH 0 - 0 Perspolis TEH 0-0 NC 1 11/6/2020 Teraktor TBZ 0 - 0 Naft MIS 0-0 NC 1 11/6/2020 Zobahan ESF 2 - 2 Foolad KHU 0-1 NC 1 11/7/2020 Esteghlal TEH 2 - 0 Mes...
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    WC2022 Qualifiers

    first round of south american qualifiers started last night para 2 - peru 2 uru 2 - chile 1 arg 1 - ecu 0
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    Suggestion for ISP and other Iranian football sites

    let's start a fund raiser to pay the fine before iranian football gets suspended. you can contact other sites and organize the fund drive.
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    Euro 2021

    draw just finished. don't know how the heck all those teams ended up in group f o_O GROUP A: Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Wales GROUP B: Belgium, Russia, Denmark, Finland GROUP C: Ukraine, Netherlands, Austria, Play-off Winner D (Georgia, Belarus, North Macedonia or Kosovo) GROUP D: England...
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    Sara Wins Gold

    at the karate1 of tokyo beating the french girl.
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    Volleyball League of Nations 2019

    iran playing in china in the first week along with italy and germany. first match early friday morning on 5-31-19: iran - italy 1am pst
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    2019 Asian Champions League [R]

    2 matches involving iranian teams on tuesday feb 12. sapia fc - minvera punjab fc(india) zobahan fc - kuwait fc(kuwait)
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    how to win a cup with planning

    this is how you do it. the current qatar coach has been with these players since 2014 when he picked them for qatar u19 team. continuity pays. i must say carlos was very disappointing in developing a youth program in iran in his 8 years over there.i think he never even tried. Félix Sánchez...
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    intercontinental beach soccer cup

    started today in dubai. iran played usa in the first match. i keep you in suspense and not reveal the result so you can watch the highlights.
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    Youth Olympics

    incredible fight by the iranian girl,yalda,in the semis right at the beginning of the clip. the iranian boy is not bad either.
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    world junior chess championship

    18 year old iranian wins it for the first time ever with a round to spare.this guy must be really really good.he got a huge head. Round 10: We Already Have A Champion: Parham Maghsoodloo! And what a champion he is! The unstoppable Maghsoodloo pulled off his trick again and simply outclassed...
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    FIVB Men's World Championship 2018

    it started yesterday in italy and bulgaria. iran beat puerto rico 3-0 yesterday. next up host bulgaria in 30 minutes.
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    pictures from iran's north

    i visited iran recently for a couple of weeks this time concentrating on the north. we took the qazvin -> rasht -> aradabil route and stopped at some places in between. ended the trip on the border with the north azerbajan. qazvin photos
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    Should Roohani accept Trump's offer for a meeting?

    very simple question? vote and elaborate about your pick.
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    Pick the world cup winner

    only teams who are winners in the past 30 years are included as choices. england and uruguay count as other. i picked brazil.they are cooking something good this time around.
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    iran team player prices on draft kings

    i guess it's as expected for the opening 3 matches.
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    how to win the world cup the frugal way

    group stage: iran 0 - morocco 0 spain 3 - portugal 1 ----- iran 0 - spain 0 morocco 0 - portugal 0 ----- iran 0 - portugal 0 spain 4 - morocco 2 ----- group standings: spain 7 iran 3 morocco 2 portugal 2 1/8 finals: iran 0 - russia 0 (5-4 ps) 1/4 finals: iran 0 - france 0 (3-2 ps) 1/2...
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    Volleyball Nations League 2018

    men's competition starts on 5-25-18. iran is in france for this round. they will play france,australia and japan in that order starting tomorrow.
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    LACMA Exhibit: The Intersection of Past and Present in Iranian Art

    got to visit this exhibit today. unfortunately only works of overseas iranian artists are exhibited. the multi-media exhibit was particularly interesting.see the clip below. the exhibit runs until sept. 9.
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    scotus legalizes sports betting

    it's now up to each state to allow it. good news for playboys and players. bad news for criminals running scam betting sites in strange places. U.S. top court backs New Jersey's bid to legalize sports betting WASHINGTON, May 14 (Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday paved the way for...