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    Player illustrations

    I'm counting down to the opener by doing some player illustrations. Hope you enjoy.
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    Attention Legofish - Retro style Iran jersey with footballistha/tsubasa image?

    If you like something less showy, I just designed a new Simorgh Crest tee:
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    Attention Legofish - Retro style Iran jersey with footballistha/tsubasa image?

    p.s. I occasionally add new design. To keep up feel free to follow me on instagram:
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    Attention Legofish - Retro style Iran jersey with footballistha/tsubasa image?

    @A8K jan, great points. The beauty of the 'build your own' feature on the Iranian Apparel site is that you can totally customize the shirt you want to order. You pick the shirt type, the design you want on it, the size of the design, placement of it, and any additional customizations you like to...
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    Attention Legofish - Retro style Iran jersey with footballistha/tsubasa image?

    @Darius-44, sure thing. Here is the link:
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    Attention Legofish - Retro style Iran jersey with footballistha/tsubasa image?

    Nice idea Dr. Jan. The thing is, that character is trademarked. I wouldn't use it on a t-shirt in my store, the same way I wouldn't appreciate other random stores using my designs. I hope you like one of the original designs I've already added to , and if you like them please...
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    Redesigning Iran Project

    FYI I finally got around to adding the new designs to Iranian Apparel, in case any one is interested in t-shirts. Feel free to check them out at
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    Anybody going to WC in Russia?

    I have 4 sets of cat2 TST-5 tickets for Iran, but unfortunately can no longer go. If anyone's interested I'm happy to sell them at face value and transfer my tickets through Fifa.
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    Redesigning Iran Project

    How careless of me. It was an artifact of copy/pasting one message. I still love you guys :)
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    Redesigning Iran Project

    After Persepolis and IFF, I took a stab at redesigning Esteghlal's brand. See the full case study for more designs, including some I did using the name Taj! Before you ask: I haven't added these to my store yet, hopefully soon There are dozens of other options in my Medium post here
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    Redesigning Iran Project

    I've started a new project called Redesigning Iran, where I take iconic Iranian brands and make them better. The first one I did was for Persepolis. There will be other football-related ones to come in the series. I've embeded some of the images but it's a lot easier to read on Medium...
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    Team melli's new kits

    We join Malta as the only other country that GIVOVA makes national team kits for. Behold: Their crappy site: What an embarrassment, although for this federation even this is too good.
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    Wallpapers and Facebook cover images for TM fans

    Hi folks, My friend Shahin and I are working on making some Facebook cover pages (and soon Wallpapers) to get everyone pumped up for the WC. I'll share them in this thread as we make them. Here are some FB cover photos:
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    Design concept: If Iran's cheetah jerseys didnt suck ...

    Hi folks, I was recently looking for some proper Team Melli fan gear to buy ahead of the upcoming world cup and was terribly disappointed with the lack of options. So with the help of a friend, we decided to design some gear for ourselves and wear it to cheer Team Melli. They proved to be...
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    Post your haft seen here

    Didn't have our own 7-seen this year as we are traveling and visiting family. But here's our 7-seen from last year.
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    Retro style posters for the movie A Separation

    Hi Folks, Me and a good friend and artist Shahin Edalati recently collaborated on creating a series of retro-style fan posters for the movie A Separation. Check them out here: See if you can spot the scene in the movie each...
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    persepolis punishes entire team by deducting 10% of their salary

    This can't possibly be legal!! what a stupid amalegi stunt by the management. ---------- باشگاه فرهنگی ورزشی پرسپولیس به دلیل باخت سرخپوشان برابر صنعت نفت آبادان، بازیکنان این تیم را با کسر 10 درصد از کل قراردادشان جریمه کرد. به گزارش سایت رسمی باشگاه پرسپولیس، سرخپوشان پایتخت که...
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    The movie Separation nominated for two Oscars

    great movie and great news. I'm gonna pull an 'old man' saying and say that I predicted this more than 6 months ago! anyway, here's a drawing I made based on the movie as a tribute. I'm working on another series of posters. Thought i'd share.