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  1. Farsheed

    Wrestling at the Islamic Games

    This is a bit of old news, but last week during the Islamic games, Hassan Yazdani got gold in 86 Kg He teched or pinned everyone, including two previous Olympic medalists This is great news, since Yazdani who won the Olympic gold in the Olympics in 74 KG, has moved up to a new weight class at...
  2. Farsheed

    Asian Wrestling championship

    fter Iran's GR wrestlers dominated the competition, the FS wrestlers (this is their B team) did not do so well in the first day. While they medaled in every weight, they have zero golds so far. Perhaps the most disappointing loss was Nassiri losing to Berjang in 65 KG. I believe Nassiri had...
  3. Farsheed

    Hadadi released by the Phoenix Suns
  4. Farsheed

    Iranian wins poker tournament, WPT Montreal event{43918C57-F05D-48FF-8522-BF00A3D67097}
  5. Farsheed

    Iranian wins WSOP Bracelet By the way, the first non American to ever win the main event was Iranian!
  6. Farsheed

    any word on why Ashkan Dejagah did not play today?

    Did CQ explain his line up in the post game interviews. I am baffled by his line up. I do give him some credit for making some necessary corrections to the line up, but would like to hear his explanation for his surprise decisions.
  7. Farsheed

    Who was TM's best header of all time?

    My nominations are Homayoon Behzadi, Kalani, GH Mazloomi, Vahid Hashemian, and Ali Daie. It would be a very close call for me between Behzadi and Vahid "the Helicopter" hashemian, but I would pick Behzadi. Who would you vote for?
  8. Farsheed

    Who is the best MordehKhor (Cherry Picker) in TM history?

    My nominations are Ghafoor Jahanbani, Safar Iranpak, GholamHossein Mazloomi Who are your picks?
  9. Farsheed

    Which player had the best long shot rocket in TM history

    I can think of a few good nominations. can you add any to the list? Chelighkhani Halvai Jabbari Bagheri DinMohammadi
  10. Farsheed

    I made the cover of a poker magazine!

    I recently won a BIG tournament. I was the only amateur at the final table!
  11. Farsheed

    Best plyers to have never won the world cup

    The debate about Pele made me think about some of the great players who never won a world cup. The three greatest that I can think of Cryuff, Platini and George Best. Messi is on my list too, but he is still young and playing, and so he might very well get off the list. Who would you put on...
  12. Farsheed


    I read that the same doctor is also going to study Sheys Rezaei's fingers and Mohammad Nosrati's rectum :)
  13. Farsheed

    NFL Playoff prediction contest

    Let's have ISP NFL contest. No points or spreads, just pick the winners There will be a total of 11 games, starting with 4 this weekend. My Picks are in Bold Red Sat., Jan. 07, 4:30 PM ET NBC Cincinnati Houston Sun., Jan. 08, 4:30 PM ET CBS Pittsburgh Denver NFC Sat., Jan. 07, 8:00 PM...
  14. Farsheed


    It's the third quarter of the afternoon games, and it looks like this was a weekend for choking for several teams. The Jets choked, and it sure looks like Oakland, Cincinatti, Pittsburg, and Denver are about to choke. Hats of to GB, Tennesee, Detroit, New Orleans, New England and Baltimore for...
  15. Farsheed

    attention Nilu

  16. Farsheed

    attention Nilu

    Dear Dictator Nilu I really would like to focus the attention away from my rear end. I therefore offer you instructions for shaving unibrows as peace offering.
  17. Farsheed

    attention Nilu

    Nilu jAn I have a new girlfriend. Perhaps next time Kia comes to North America Kia and his two wives, you, my girlfriend and I can go on a double date together. Here is a picture of my girl friend
  18. Farsheed

    The uiltimate Fighter

    Every season of the tultimate fighter has a jerk, and unfortunately this season's is an Iranian guy
  19. Farsheed

    Japanese fans of rival ghotbi team, mock ghotbi and Iran
  20. Farsheed

    attention Nilu

    This is a serious matter. His unibrow is superior to all of those on the list with the potential exception of Bart from Seseme streeet