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  1. just2viewgeneralforu

    Religion Do you ever feel a strong emotional bond to someone? (alive or dead......)

    Christopher Hitchens for me... I'm not a hardcore atheist more agnostic/protest atheist) but I respect ANY ONE who can argue like him against organised religion in this way.... Don't know if a single person on this forum would ever feel the same but that's life (BTW Not his weaselly...
  2. just2viewgeneralforu

    Do you support IRI?

    Just out of interest
  3. just2viewgeneralforu

    Adam Curtis's Can't Get you Out of My Head

    Anyone seen this yet? This was phenomenal. Just about why we are in the situation we are in now in terms of society. This series focuses more on individualism and the era of the self..:. I think the soundtracks for all of these are absolutely amazing...
  4. just2viewgeneralforu

    Khamenei Dead Rumours ....?

    Loads of Israeli media reporting this. This rumour comes and goes every 3 years but this time they seem more confident than before? Maybe hundredth time is the charm..