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    Asian Champions league 2021-2022

    I have a simple question, why don't you add him to ignore list ? I mean I have few people in my ignore list.
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    Breaking News Hansi Flick to take over Die Mannschaft steps down from Bayern

    the relationship hasn't been good with the director hassan salihamidzik for a while, so no surprise.
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    Asian Champions league 2021-2022

    Khob I don't like it. This forum has a thread for all the leagues and different things. I didn't come here and force my idea. People have different interests which can also change by age. I came to ISP more than 20 years ago so my interests have changed. I like to listen to classical music and...
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    Asian Champions league 2021-2022

    This forum is all about Asian Football ? Plus I used to like it, after the recent events in Iran i.e the blue girl and execution of Navid, I don't like it anymore. However, I don't blame you or anyone else if you want to follow it. Do whatever rocks your boat my friend.
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    Asian Champions league 2021-2022

    I hate Asian soccer ... It is so boring and I don't watch it. I also recommend you not to watch it if it bothers you so much.
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    Doctors home in on cause of blood clots potentially linked with Covid-19 vaccines
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    Serie A, Ligue 1, Bundesliga & rest of the world ( News , Result , Goals & Videos) ( 2020-21)

    Inter have named their price for anyone looking to become their new main shirt sponsor, according to a report in the Italian media today. Gazzetta dello Sport’s print edition said the Nerazzurri wanted €30 million annually from anyone looking to replace Pirelli for the 2021-22 season. Inter’s...
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    Global football & stuff !!!

    Good documentary:
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    Stock/commodities Discussion

    Sorry to be off-topic but nothing bothers me more than this digital currency We have to spend millions of dollars and extreme amount of energy (in terms of mining) and millions of video cards and servers to just create a currency. I mean you are talking about being Green or environmentally...
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    TM Iran Information Thread

    Play 4-2-4 :D
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    Happening now...

    I think it is not important how long it took, it is important the facts become part of history ...
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    The 2020-21UEFA Champions League thread, Results, News & updates

    To me it doesn't make sense, I think they are just not playing good soccer and have become predictable, Injury has also had a good effect on Liverpool. The reason I say is the due to following facts: [1] The same Liverpool team played great football half a season last year in empty stadiums and...
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    Happening now...

    Ukraine now says it believes Iran intentionally shot down Flight 752 A senior Ukrainian security official says he believes Iran intentionally shot down an airliner full of passengers early last year, possibly with the intent of ending a cycle of military escalation with the United States...
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    The 2020-21UEFA Champions League thread, Results, News & updates

    At least one Italian team made it.
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    Fuck Ajax

    AGHA DASTAN CHIEH ? Everybody is fuming
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    Fuck Ajax

    Not ordinary fan but a USB powered one LoL