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    Keyvan_Pars, want him to stay or leave ?

    Bro, honestly if you go back and have a look at your posts (not this thread) you'll see that's not the case. I think everyone knows you are an emotional but you gotta keep your cool and so many time you don't and you resort to insult or challange people for a physical confronation. I've been...
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    Keyvan_Pars, want him to stay or leave ?

    Not quite when Keyan is acting like a gholdor and wants to have a physical confrontation with everyone. and insults anyone who disagrees with him ;)
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    Keyvan_Pars, want him to stay or leave ?

    By the way, I voted for you to leave. I use to like your posts but lately you have done nothing but fight and insult everyone. What makes it worse you accuse people of being joojeh hezi and working for IR etc just becuase they don't agree with you which never was the case before. You've been...
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    Keyvan_Pars, want him to stay or leave ?

    What I wanna know is what is this Exclusive Forum? I've been here long enough yet I'm excluded from this Forum. Quite sad really. Also I've been meaning to say something about the atmosphere of this ISP over the past couple of months. I have not seen anything but fighting each other and people...
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    Your Super-Special Iran Caption Contest

    How's he is still alive? I would have thought he should have a heart attack by now.
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    Whats your view on EXECUTION?

    I'm 100% agains it. We should respect and value life no matter how awful and unthinkable a crime is. I don't see how death penalty is going to help anyone.
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    Iran: Connecting the dots

    I agree with your 4 factions. One thing I don't think you have quite right is Sepah can destory other groups with ease. It's true if they want to elimiate the opposition they can do it with ease but what's preventing from not doing this right now. People's anger and Iran's economnic situation...
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    Tasliat to Iranians

    I don't agree with you are saying. Time and time again we keep saying all the ethnic minorities want to go their seprate ways. That was the thinking of the world including Saddam (arab countries) and the west Iran will fall apart. It's true that might independebce and recognition but this can be...
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    Any Dutch speaking members?

    I'm pretty sure our friends feyenord and foo can help you out.
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    4 shanbeh soori, what do you predict?

    Nightly demo is quite dangerous. Not quite sure what's gonna happen to be honest but we'll see. I don't expect a big turn out to be honest but I hope I'm wrong.
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    did they capture malek riggee

    I think so as well. I said earlier as well. They will to create some sort of connection between him and the green movement.
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    did they capture malek riggee

    One thing that worries is that they'll parade him on TV and force him to say that he is somehow related to the green movement. He is a separatist and he is responsible for killing innocent people no doubt. However the timing of this can only lead to linking the guy to the greens. Watch this space.
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    the most painful poll of isp??as a iranian which one do you prefer?

    I understand a lot frustration that all of us feeling right now specially after 22 Bahman. As deeruz mentioned a war has devastating effects on a country. Even targeted attacks will destroy a lot of infrastructure which will put extreme strain on a any government. A good example is Serbia I was...
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    Is quantity all that matters??

    I saw this the other day. Ah the irony! Sorry but I had a good chuckle but kinda scary and makes me wonder are we actually ready for a democratic society?
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    Reflect your thoughts on 22 Bahman in Iran

    Very well said and that's attitude the leaders of this movement need to have as well as the expats. Anyway, just like many others I was somewhat disappointed with the turn out yesterday. To be honest, it wasn't the people's turn out that disappointed me as much as "the show of force" by the...
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    Feb 11th News/Discussions (22 BAHMAN)

    Good point. Where is Mousavi?
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    Feb 11th News/Discussions (22 BAHMAN)

    It's really hard to tell to be honest. Almost all the communication is shut down. I've been struggling to get any sort of confirmed reports or news much. Secondly I believe there was a long gap from Ashura till today. A movement like this will lose momentum. One thing that worries me is that...
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    Parking lot...

    It's not photoshopped at all. I saw this on Stephen Fry's tour of America too. It's a airplane junk yard. Think about it though this their junkyard and think how many newer models they have in operation that there is no need for these ones....
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    Feb 5th News/Discussions an ominous sign As Iranian protesters gear up online again, the state is clamping down with a new state service replacing foreign email accounts Since the...
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    Freedom for Iran will change the world

    The sad thing is I'm not even sure it's being brainwashed. That to me whether right or wrong has more conviction . I think some are fully aware of what's goes on in Iran. It's a matter of integrity and morality which clearly some members on this board lack.