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    watch Navad Show live now

    just started.

    (open with Windows Media Player)
    "Never argue with idiots. they'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience."

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    Aghaye Mashdi Bande be Shoma kheili ghebte Mikhoram ke in hame vaght dareed Ghorban . You're either giving live report or watcing Barname 90. I wish I was like you , good For you Ghorban

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    mashdi jan what are they saying about PP?

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    ajab shir to shiri. khode davara hame yeki mige penalty hast yeki mige nist. baba in dige penalty nabashe dige che vaze davar. ay khoda. i want to shoot this guy on the phone.
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    My thoughts on this navad show:
    Ferdosipoor started his show with lit barskey and talking to him about kaebi. Well this part wasn't that important.
    The great part was when mostafavi was the guest along side with fanayi karshenas! Mostafavi was saying I don't have a problem with Moradi not getting the penalty in the game because its totaly hard to decide in 1/100th of second with lots of fans saying. However, Moradi should not be poro and come and appologize for not getting the penalty instead of being rude and insisting on the fact that this wasn't a penalty. Every ex-ref, karshenas said this was a damn penalty mostafavi said. Even Fanayi said it was a penalty becuase the hand is going up when pps player crossing the ball. The called jalale moradi(not massood), nazere davari, and they got into a semi fight because this idiot was saying its not a penalty becuase hamoodi's face is away from the ball when the ball touches his hand. Fanayi said but what about before it? He is looking at the ball he brings his hand then his head is turning away so what?
    Fanayi's argument was also if hamoodi was in the goal and touched that ball and resist it from going into the net wouldn't it be a penalty? After that moment Moradi couldn't say shit! This poro was still insisting that it wasn't a penalty.
    Ferdosipoor called hedayati and we all saw how moral he was, he denied fahashi at moradi!
    The best part was when mostafavi(PROFFESSIONAL) said look at our player after the ref not getting the penalty for us what does he do? he just put his hand on his face, he doesn't argue and doesn't act bad. He said we have a proffesional and moral team with Mr. ghotbi being its head coach. Put yourselves in fans shoe they came a long way in Ramazan not eating anything. Also not being able to bring water into the stadium. it was their right to get mad becuase of stupid ref mistake. They are now also more mad that aghaye moradi is instisting that it wasn't a penalty!
    Any ways I think mostafavi really answered ferdosipoor moradi and every one else.
    Then they got to that part that azari(modir amele zobahan) was called by ferdosipoor. JUst watch the show he said what ever he could and he also told mostafavi siah bazi dar nayar mazloom nasho... but mostafavi was laughing and being so calm and talk to him in a calm and matin way! Azari was saying why always pps problems not us not barghe shiraz. They don't call us penalties too why not just for us....
    This was just a start to stupid talk of MR. great fatolahzadi. He just made a full of eses and himself by his words! After mostafavi left ferdosipoor called fatoli and asked him about the game. He said:"they didn't take 2 panalties for us mesleeee fahsle ghabl ke Bistha penalty beraye ma nagreftan!"
    He is a true definition of TURK. Fatoli said Ill bring the movie for ur own show for u that we deserved 15 penalties last season. Ferdosipoor said u just said it was 20 how come its not 15? He said bring it for us we will go over it! but I am sure it wasn't either 20 or 15. Fatoli that was given a true sooti said um but why its always perspolis why not esteghlal? Why you always talk about perspolis and don't defend us?
    Ferdosipoor said first of all I invited ghalenoyi which he refused to come and if he would have came then the whole talk would go around eses. Secondly we still haven't got to your team talk and we gonna start talking about the penalty and also why would i call you if i was ignorant about eses?
    Any ways they got to the ref part and fanayi said that when saba player handled the ball was a penalty! And fatolahzade said see see see how they are killing our team?
    And when they got to the part that akbarpour lagad zad be saba player ferdosipoor said so what about this part! wasn't ref kind to us by not sending off ur player?
    And fanayi said yes the ref should have sent off your player. Fatolahzade said ma behesh tazakor midim! ferdosipoor said well you see refering in games wasn't always against you, so you should agree that your team played bad and lost!

    All and all I say fatollahzad is really stupid! Plz compare him with mostafavi or kashani. I am really sorry for esesteghlal a great team in our country to have an a hole being your modir amel!



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