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    Top 20 richest sportsmen

    Footballers have the image of earning huge amounts of money, but compared to other sports this is not true. Only 3 footballers are in the top 20 of sportsmen who earned the most money this season: David Beckham, Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho. The list was made by CNNSI and includes the salary and all the income in commercial activities:
    1. Tiger Woods (USA, Golf): 71,5 million euros
    2. Phil Mickelson (USA, Golf): 38,0 million euros
    3. David Beckham (Eng, Football): 32,4 million euros
    4. LeBron James (USA, Basketball): 30,4 million euros
    5. Kimi Räikkönen (Fin, Formula 1): 28,7 million euros
    Emmanuel Pacquiao (Phi, Boxing): 28,7 million euros
    7. Lionel Messi (Arg, Football): 28,6 million euros
    8. Alex Rodriguez (USA, Baseball): 28,0 million euros
    9. Fernando Alonso (Spa, Formula 1): 25,1 million euros
    Shaquille O'Neill (USA, Basketball): 25,1 million euros
    Valentino Rossi (Ita, Motorcycle): 25,1 million euros
    12. Kevin Garnett (USA, Basketball): 24,9 million euros
    13. Yao Ming (Chi, Basketball): 23,7 million euros
    14. Lewis Hamilton (Eng, Formula 1): 23,5 million euros
    15. Kobe Bryant (USA, Basketball): 22,4 million euros
    16. Roger Federer (Swi, Tennis): 21,2 million euros
    17. Allen Iverson (USA, Basketball): 20,7 million euros
    18. Vijay Singh (Fij, Golf): 20,6 million euros
    19. Derek Jeter (USA, Baseball): 20,4 million euros
    20. Ronaldinho (Bra, Football): 19,6 million euros

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    Khob Khodaro shokr No one from Real Madrid is not in the list

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    You can count your Galáctico Beckham and you will have one. In that case Barca has two then.



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