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    Top 20 richest sportsmen

    Footballers have the image of earning huge amounts of money, but compared to other sports this is not true. Only 3 footballers are in the top 20 of sportsmen who earned the most money this season: David Beckham, Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho. The list was made by CNNSI and includes the salary and all the income in commercial activities:
    1. Tiger Woods (USA, Golf): 71,5 million euros
    2. Phil Mickelson (USA, Golf): 38,0 million euros
    3. David Beckham (Eng, Football): 32,4 million euros
    4. LeBron James (USA, Basketball): 30,4 million euros
    5. Kimi Räikkönen (Fin, Formula 1): 28,7 million euros
    Emmanuel Pacquiao (Phi, Boxing): 28,7 million euros
    7. Lionel Messi (Arg, Football): 28,6 million euros
    8. Alex Rodriguez (USA, Baseball): 28,0 million euros
    9. Fernando Alonso (Spa, Formula 1): 25,1 million euros
    Shaquille O'Neill (USA, Basketball): 25,1 million euros
    Valentino Rossi (Ita, Motorcycle): 25,1 million euros
    12. Kevin Garnett (USA, Basketball): 24,9 million euros
    13. Yao Ming (Chi, Basketball): 23,7 million euros
    14. Lewis Hamilton (Eng, Formula 1): 23,5 million euros
    15. Kobe Bryant (USA, Basketball): 22,4 million euros
    16. Roger Federer (Swi, Tennis): 21,2 million euros
    17. Allen Iverson (USA, Basketball): 20,7 million euros
    18. Vijay Singh (Fij, Golf): 20,6 million euros
    19. Derek Jeter (USA, Baseball): 20,4 million euros
    20. Ronaldinho (Bra, Football): 19,6 million euros

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    Khob Khodaro shokr No one from Real Madrid is not in the list

    La Liga week 26
    Athletic Bilbao vs. Real Madrid
    Saturday March 7th
    12.00 PM EST
    San Mamés Stadium

    Real Madrid 61
    Barcelona 59
    Atletico 54

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    You can count your Galáctico Beckham and you will have one. In that case Barca has two then.



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