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    What is going on with ISIS in Syria and Iraq?

    I was watching CNN today and their coverage on ISIS and could not help but to notice how things have changed from few month ago.

    Just few month ago, ISIS was getting pushed back in Iraq with the help Iranian backed Shia militia. Same was happening in Syria where Hezbollah fighters were defeating ISIS on multiple fronts.

    Soleimani's face was all over the news and all the victories were credited to him and he was shown as a military genius who really controls the middle east.

    Now today, ISIS has control of more than 50% of Syria, is pushing forward again in Iraq and there is no news about Soleimani and his heroic victories.

    What is going on here ? What has changed ?

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    Nobody really knows.

    What's almost certain is Saudi, UAE, Qatar continue to finance ISIS/Jebhe Nosra ...

    the CIA is training and have been supplying what they call moderate Syrians.

    Iran and Hezbollah have been helping Asad.

    I would not surprised if the fall of Palmyra is actually a calculated move on part of Assad.
    First it manages to galvanize international opinion against ISIS since the fervor had died down.

    as far as Iran is concerned Chaos in Iraq is not bad at all.
    because it keeps Iraqi government more dependent on Iran.
    It keeps the Kurdish region's ties with Iran because
    support that Turkey has provided for ISIS elements.

    It is all a very complicate chess match which will result in thousands if not hundreds of thousand to die.
    until such a time when all actor decide they are ready to reach a truce.
    “It is better to be roughly right than precisely wrong”

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    Nothings new is going on. ISIS is a US created "shock comando" group. The only thing that changes every once in a while is the medial tactics otherwise, the US is striktly following their plans of using islam to devide and destroy moslems in order to secure future war fields between sunni and shia and thus secruing the benefits of the arm and oil lobby. in times of informations the only thing they have to do is to keep people in guess. Its one step ahead, two steps back, ...two steps ahead, one back...Most people are too dumb to see the bigger picture and this is what they are exploiting. In reality there is no war on IS at all. Even iraqi army gets bombed whenever they come close to decisively weaken the IS. You are not gonna see anything of those bombs dropped on IS enemies on TV. It is what it is. The only and i mean the ONLY way to get rid of IS is when Russia decides (they are talking about it now) to heavily arm the iraqi and syrian governments and get themselves involved when needed because when they dont, its US (and their servants)-ISIS against those poor and weak regional governments and the outcome should be clear to anyone able to add 2 and 2 by now.
    Saudis are determind to set an end to the shiite plague inside their country aswell as in the whole region. Now the russians revealed that Pakistans nuclear program has been bankrolled by the saudis for decades and in return the Pakistanis have promised to help the Saudis when they feel threatend, even nuclar, when the saudis really need it so the Saudis will import Pakistani nukes when needed. Now ISIS claims they can come in possesion of Pakistani nukes through corrupt officials and i absolutely think its possible; ofcourse only with the US green light, when and if they give the green light is in the skys. The stages of a devastating and hateful shia sunni war is being set and they are trying to get the Russians into a trap aswell.
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    that was then before iran fully committed to liberate mosul
    from the isreali/saudi/turkey the old city
    of mosul is liberated and total liberation of the city will happen
    sooner than later.

    Iraqi government forces fully recapture Mosul’s Old City

    Iraqi government forces have wrested complete control over the Old City of Mosul, which served as the last bastion of Daesh Takfiri terrorists in the Arab country’s second largest city.

    The spokesman for the Iraqi Joint Operations Command, Brigadier General Yahia Rasoul, announced on Saturday that army troops had regained control over the strategic area, where Daesh leader Ibrahim al-Samarrai aka Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared the extremists’ self-styled “caliphate” back in July 2014.



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