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Thread: Happy Norouz!

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    Quote Originally Posted by keyvan_pars View Post
    to ke baa een kos kesh ham sedayee (GP ro migam) boro doctor toro shafaa bedeh.

    to asan mosalmoon ke hasti shafaa mafaa karet nadareh rafti digeh 'beyond point of no return'

    een kos kesh e folan folan shode mirine shab e rooz be oon chiz e koochiki ke baraye irani ha moonde to o yek mosht dige mese to (orzeye harf zadan ke nadarin) hamash like mizanin mese laashkhor ke montazere goosht moonde behet berese.

    tarof ke bahat nadaram hala mosalmoon hasti bash be darak vali boro do ta ketab bekhoon bebin mosalmoona che gohi too donya zadan.

    bad biyayeen inja do ta kos o sher happy norooz begin o maas maali shod raft.
    Aghaye Keyvan Pars khan! First of all, you don't know a thing about me or about where I come from. As you yourself brought it up in another thread before, just as no one should judge you, you should not judge people whom you don't even know.

    Second of all, the reason of Iran being so backward, is because of the existence of extremists like Khameneii and people like you yourself who can not tolerate other views or opinions. If you wanna change that, start with yourself instead of attacking other members in the forum during the new year.

    Third of all, unlike you, I consider myself an Iranian and have respect for my traditions. Hence, in the new year, I wont be bothered replying to your hatred and name callings anymore.

    Happy new year and I hope you get peace of mind during this whole new year.
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    *Your love makes me strong. Your hate makes me unstoppable!
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    you can consider yourself napoleon fucking bonaparte but that does not always reflect reality.

    let me make it 'first grade' simple for you:
    arabs, muslims, savages whatever you want to call them, attacked Iran and their descendants also muslims have been doing work to destroy iranian culture, food, way of life what have you. if you are a muslim you automatically are excluded from being iranian. what you consider yourself is fine but what you really are is shi-ite muslim or at best 'confused'

    you can't drive forward and backward at the same time.(well maybe in sci-fi movies you can)

    and let me assure you i have complete peace of mind when i come across people such as you because it just proves to me that i need to go and be more steadfast in my own little way to share my knowledge of your evil religion with other iranians as much as i can till my dying breath.
    holiness is in the right action not in god .



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