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Thread: Happy Norouz!

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    Quote Originally Posted by keyvan_pars View Post
    you can consider yourself napoleon fucking bonaparte but that does not always reflect reality.

    let me make it 'first grade' simple for you:
    arabs, muslims, savages whatever you want to call them, attacked Iran and their descendants also muslims have been doing work to destroy iranian culture, food, way of life what have you. if you are a muslim you automatically are excluded from being iranian. what you consider yourself is fine but what you really are is shi-ite muslim or at best 'confused'

    you can't drive forward and backward at the same time.(well maybe in sci-fi movies you can)

    and let me assure you i have complete peace of mind when i come across people such as you because it just proves to me that i need to go and be more steadfast in my own little way to share my knowledge of your evil religion with other iranians as much as i can till my dying breath.
    Why are you still arguing with the dahati Islamic haji he won't get it no matter how well you make your argument. That is why I blocked General Pedophile, oh and it is not insulting if it is true I am not saying anything that is untrue or nobody is unaware of. Everyone knows his history I am not going to get kicked out of here because of this Chester so I am just going to block him. I am not going to waste my precious breath debating guy who likes to play with young girls, there is your true Muslim, as long as there as grass on the field play ball! Go write something in Perisan General Pedo because you know I cannot reply back. I have no problems calling a spade a spade that is the last thing I am going to say to him. That is why when he posted that nice video KP jan and I both said fuck you to him because this guy is just pretending to be Iranian and play both sides of the fence. You can't be all happy Nowruz and trumpet Persian culture on one hand, then kiss Islamic ass in the other, it doesn't work that way.
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