@Arash T do you know why they found worms because they(DPRK Government) tell the people to use feces as manuer and eat rice cakes. Meanwhile Kung Fu Panda is sipping on coginac, smoking like a chiminey and living in a lap of luxury, while his people are starving. However, I see that the end is near for them. They are losing their key allies, China and even Russia. Xi Xinping is not too happy and even warned Americans of a military exercise Pyongyang is having, that is totally breaking protocol for them. Putin and the Russians are distancing themselves, they have enough issues ie Crimea to worry about them. The DPRK soldier crossed just to correct it for you the D.M.Z Demilitarized Zone Zone/. I can't imagine what was going through his emotions having his fellow comrades shoot at him. Welcome to DPRK, the only country where a dead dude is still President, this is HELL ON EARTH. You thought Iran was bad, brother you haven't seen anything yet.