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^^@HB jan Can you clearify what is bs and what is not so at least I know I am trying to keep it topical and relevant and not be rude, answer people mate. I have not had a single infraction on this forum and have been a good member but if you want to start putting restrictions, I need to RE EAVLUATE coming here because that is straight up like reaching DDR stadus. At least tell me whats up but I have some thinking to do I can remove myself if that is what everyone wants.I do not like the direction we are heading to very much so i have some thinking maybe post new rules for everyone but I need some soul searching and I have to think on it, this might be my last post, if that is the case and I will stick with my boys at the BFMC LV club and discuss fuBall there. Not trying to be a dick but I took an oath to defend the constitution and freedom of speech, I need to think about this very hard. Nobody is saying racist stuff here and at least I am keeping it relevant talking about slava players on the US team if someone says something i will answer but maybe not anymore.
for example what the heck is this:

Wir halten zusammen
Wir halten einander aus
Wir halten zueinander
Niemand hält uns auf
Wir halten euch die Treue
Wir halten daran fest
Und halten unsern regeln
Wenn man uns regeln lässt

Und der Haifisch der hat Tränen
Und die laufen vom Gesicht
Doch der Haifisch lebt im Wasser
So die tränen sieht man nic

just don't create such a long responses. keep them short and sweat, Trust me no one reads anything more than few lines of comments. Just stop the Copy pasting stuff unless its really related to the thread. Its very hard to follow some of these threads from my Phone. pages and pages of none related stuff.

come on man, you know better.