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    Exclamation Ali Azimi - Pishdaramad

    This is the song that was sung by Shahab Hosseini and Taraneh Alidousti in Farhadi's latest movie, The Salesman!

    But look at the YouTube comments under the video. So many foreign people who don't even understand the text, love the song! and so many who are interested in the movie scenes in the video. wow...

    Some of the interesting comments from foreigners:

    *I did not understant a word but this first song was GREAT. Greatings from Poland

    *You Persians impress me with your politness and sophisticated taste. This as well as a mixture of Shi'ia piety with a cosmopolitan flavour, that enables you quite easy assimilation of anything you find useful to your culture is something unforgettable. I've written my thesis about the image of the Greater Iran in Polish early modern literature, even this havn't satiated my curiosity of your country and your culture... I have nothing against Arabs, but, without your influence their culture would be so poor. Not even Kitab al Layla wa Layla would be written, nor Majnun and Leyla.... I have nothing against Indians but the most interesting period of their culture was so deeply influanced by you, that it seems to be more Persian than Indian. Even in Crimean Khanate educated clercs like Hajji Mehmet Senai, compared brave warriors to Rostam, Great rulers to Khosrow, and magnificent horses to Rakhsh... While sunnis distrusted painting you created memorable miniatures. And you still are, Mahmoud Farschian IS a great artists indeed. And really few women's voices are coparable to Nooshafarin or Darya Dadvar...

    *when I was little boy my father was telling me Greek Myths and ancient history... I loved it, but when I was not satisfacted with only Greek point of view, I felt, Persians might not be only invaders... When I was 8 years old I bough Persian Mythology (in fact abbreviation of Shahnameh and some information on Zoroastrianism... that's how it started... When I was 12 I realized that I read only Polish authors ant Polish translation of Engish (or rather Anglophonic/ Anglosaxon) literature. I took resolution to know at least something about other cultures... Western European and American authors frequently were annoying me with their ignorance of Poland... Sometimes they threated our country, our culture and our people as non existent... They probably do not fully realized its very existence... But who am I to judge them If they are cultures older than mine and I'am not able to mention a single work of art or literature made by them? Moreover... I'am a Catholic. The Bible threats about things that happened in the Middle East, only a little part of it is about early Christians living in the Meditarranean area.. No mention on Poland neither on England (maybe just because either where non-existent in biblical times). But several mentions on Elam, Media, and Persia...(some Persian monarchs are featured in the Old Testament)... Moreover-at my studies (I'am writing doctoral thesis in History) I met wonderful Author, Tadeusz Krusiński, Polish missionary who saw the dawnfall of the Safavid dynasty... This story of what happened during Shah-Hossein reign, and how he was depsoed by Myrr Maghmud, was, not less impressive than Hamleth, or Odyssey...

    *Woow! I think is one of the best videos that I saw! And the song is very good! What a great music! Greetings from Chile

    *can anyone make agreat favor to me and name some of the favorite movies that shown on the clip? I will be very greateful as a new discoverer of Persian cinema much loves from istanbul

    *You can see a glimpse of Iran's amazing and rich cinematography throughout the video. I have seen most of those movies.

    *Amazing song. Greetings from America. Persian culture is awesome

    *The Iranian government should be very ashamed for allowing police to arrest these beautiful young people. SHAME ON YOU, IRAN!

    *Wow! this song vibrates in my soul

    *WHOA! WOW! BRILLIANT, ETC! Love and peace from Saudi Arabia! :*
    *Good song & music. Greeting from Armenia.

    *In love with this song..greetings from Tunisia♡

    *please, can you come to Tunisia?

    *this song makes me want to watch all the movies listed in the video.

    *i didnt understand the song but liked a lot. Great music and scenesHope Iran will get its freedom back again! Greetings from Azerbaijan.

    *Simply Amazing!Greetings from Turkey....

    *Hey, I translated this song into Bengali, my mother tongue. I know you may not be able to read it; but in case you want to keep a record, please let me know. I am happy to share it with you. Excellent song by the way. Cheers.

    and it continues....
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    Although this song remains a favorite of mine and the video is indeed very well worked, I'm here to inform you that the idea of posting a comment under a music video from other languages is simply a technique used by many Google users to receive more "likes". It is abused to the point of having become ridiculous. There are very few (if any) genuine comments of such nature left. Don't be fooled.

    You can find comments of similar nature under almost every single Turkish, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Iranian, Russian and Spanish music video.

    Youtube comment section has to be the stupidest venue on the internet. It's pathetic.



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