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    people here write pages of fohsh e kharo maadar towards each other i just said kos o sher and i received an infraction ...

    weird shit.
    holiness is in the right action not in god .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zob Ahan View Post
    WTF??? You have too much time on your hand.
    NOT FOR LONG..... I am going to Corrections Indian Springs and I am applying for a 2nd degree at this small private Uni in Palo Alto Ca becuse they offer it online. That is why I am working on Russian and German dude and ya when you get out of the service you are bikar so you spend your time doing: MMA, languages, varsesh fuBall, well I do and well I am teaching my dads woman with Eng she is helping me with Farsi it's all good homie. BTW at least I am doing something productive with my time, not smoking weed and watching ESPN I am working on languages my body I almost have a six pack. Plus I never swear, I never say anything offensive and I am very respectful and one more thing.

    I AM NOT OBSESSED WITH RACE-WE ARE A HOMOGENEOUS SOCIETY- CALI AND NY IS HETEROGENEOUS but this place between Cali and NY called America, all look liek me. When people: look the same, go to the same church, and an outsider comes, they will stick out. Howe er, we elected a black man twice as president.

    I put this in bold because I know u think I am obsessed with race and mentioned that several times I am not, my country is dude.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OSTAD POOYA View Post
    General mesle inkeh shoma dar hame kar hame fan harif hastid......

    I personally like the natural look. All this nose surgeries are really ugly and its hard to find one Iranian girl that has kept her natural nose. Shit even the guys get nose jobs all the time. I have dated many non Iranian girls and I do have a big nose and every time the subject has come up they have indicated that a man should not get a nose job. They find it attractive and nice. This is not for all woman but some really do like it and appreciate it. Its with the Persian culture that even many men go and get nose jobs. Its not natural and personally I do not like it at all. Even girl with surgeries all over can be exciting for a time or two but then after that its not really anything special. The feeling of real boobs or a natural ass is a much better feeling than something fake you have to feel. Same goes with the lips and other things too. I saw Faramarz Asseff and Shahram Solati on TV with a bunch of Botox on them and damn they looked so god damn ugly. Truly pathetic.
    استاد گرامی
    من به مطالعه خیلی علاقه دارم
    و تقریبا در مورد هر چیزی تحقیق و موشکافی میکنم
    درمورد زیبایی و سبب گرایش بسیار تحقیق کرده ام
    در مورد اینکه می فرمایید جراحی پلاستیک
    به نظر من جراح پلاستیک مخصوصا زیبایی نه تنها می بایستی یک جراح ماهر باشد بلکه می بایستی یک هنرمند
    یک دون ژوان هم باشد تا واقعا زیبایی را درک کند
    والا بینی را کوچک کنی و نمی دانم لب را بزرگ کنی تنها کار یک جراح ماهر است نه یک هنرمند و عاشق زیبایی ویا یک دون ژوان
    و یا بهتر بگویم یک زیبا شناس
    ممکن است یک بینی بزرگ یا یک لب نازک خیلی به شخصی بهتر بیاید تا بینی کوچک و لبی غنچه ای
    البته من می بینم درجراح های زیبایی لب ها و بینی خیلی اشتباه کار می شود
    اگر عکس بود من توضیح میدادم که هر چهره ای تقریبا چه لبی به ان زیبایی میدهد
    ولی کلا وقتی لب بالا نازک باشد و پایین قطور به بیشتر چهرها زیبایی خاصی میدهد
    ولی می بینم در جراحی ها لب های را مثل لاستیک غریق نجات
    میکنند که این تنها به بعضی از چهرها زیبای میدهد و تقریبا 70 تا 80 درصد از چهرها با چنین لبهایی
    خیلی بیمزه میشوند
    همچنین در مورد بینی و گونه ها و حتی بزرگی یا کوچکی چشمها
    می توانم بگویم 90 درصد از جراحان زیبایی چیزی از زیبایی نمی دانند فقط و فقط جراح ماهری هستند

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    calm down boys.she has her own instgram page with plenty
    of photos of herself and her girlfriends.

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