It was made couple years ago i guess, few days a go was his 3rd death anniversary, a true genius, who born once in a century in a country, with all due respect for all of great musicians we had and have in last 50 years or so, people like him and Meshkatian are not replaceable.

What is really sad is he had to spend the big part of his good and productive years of his music career outside the country because of the situation in Iran and despite of such a situation inspired lots of young musicians, when Lotfi was living in u.s and was visiting Bay Area(which he was often in Berkeley as he had few master class students here) he was usually staying with a good musician here who was also his student of long time and each time i meet him he has some amazing stories of his time with The Grand Master...

His son Omid(from his first marriage with Ghashang Kamkar) also lives here in Bay Area.

Rouhesh Shaad, it bring tear to my eyes when i think how great this guy was and how many young talented musicians he introduced or inspired in Tar, Setar. Avaaz, Kamancheh, Oud, etc.

از ملك ادب كارگزاران همه رفتند
شو بار سفر بند كه ياران همه رفتند
افسوس كه افسانه سرايان همه خفتند
اندوه كه اندوه گساران همه رفتند
ملک الشعرای بهار