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Thread: Brave woman!

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    Brave woman!

    در این ویدئو که در روزهای اخیر در باغ گیاه***شناسی تهران ثبت شده، یک زن جوان با هدف جمع***آوری پول برای دو نوازنده خیابانی، شروع به رقصیدن می***کند که این اقدام او با استقبال و تشویق سایر بازدیدکنندگان از این باغ روبه***رو می***شود.

    *Your love makes me strong. Your hate makes me unstoppable!
    Ronaldo (The Brazilian)
    *Life is like a roll of toilet paper! The closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes.

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    I wonder how aware she was that the filming of her would end up on social media? Hope she is safe.

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    Which part of Iran is represented by this dance?
    Her dance reminds of Cossack dancer, the Cossack dancer are often men. Here you go, Katyusha dancer.

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    hame chi tabdil be Joke shodeh baraa eerooni haa, agar een zaneh Brave- h pas een haa raghaasan :

    and the one who killed more than 100 ISIS bastards and got beheaded at the end.


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    dameshoon garm.
    for every heyvoon muslim they kill 4 won't be born.

    dirty mother fucking CIA polluting the planet with these arab, chechen, paki animals and these people fighting with blood and guts to put them down.
    dameshoon garm, hats off.
    holiness is in the right action not in god .

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