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    Russian fella convicted for playing Pokémon-Go in a church

    I'm not extremist,"Я не экстремист" that's his first sentence outside the courtroom, that's 100% truth, he said!
    aint dat pretty a shame you cant play Pokémon-Go in a church neither deny jesus or mahommed's existence without being convicted. Same story stricken our homie Comrade TeamMeli, he is muted and sentenced for life.

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    In Soviet Russia, Pokemon catches YOU! This jokeski has been berought to you by the President of the Russian Federation and the Kremlin! Seriously bro you are playing Pokemon go, at a Russian Orthodox church? You should do society a favor, drink paint thinner and DIE, show some respect LOSER! I'm glad the Russians apprehended this moron, well we won't be seeing komrade dumbass anymore! Red Foreman from that 70's show: bad things happen to you komrade because you are a DUMBASS! In Memorieum of the LATE Komrade Dumbass who will no longer be with us, no respect this time!



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