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    The workou/weight lifting and MMA thread

    We can put all workout MMA topics here. What kind of gear to you guys like to use? I will keep it short I like to swim, lift weights and will go back into martial arts: military krag maga and BJJ. My background in MMA is boxing, MT and BJJ. If you want to do MMA, I suggest you have a well rounded game, do not rely on grappling or striking alone. Perhaps we can motivate one another to reach our goals, be it working out, MMA whatever. I'll be topical and keep it short so I will stop there to respect forum rules.Personal weightlifting goal, I was able to do this at 220 but not at 170. I want to do my heavy set on the bench 4-5 reps of 225 lbs. Right now :I am at 215 so doing push ups, swim and pull ups to do 1 rep at 225. It is tougher to do when you are my weight. I also want to get that six pack back, need to get rid of excess skin.
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