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    Texas Feed Store Sparks Outrage with ‘Bomb Iran’ Message

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    Yeah I saw the receipt a few days ago. But it's good that the owners have taken action and explained everything.

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    I read the story and this is why I believe her.
    “I have spoken to probably a hundred members of the Iranian community both here in the States and from ALL over the world,” wrote owner Tara Burk Jurica in a Facebook message to Kalbasi. “I have tried to assure them we don’t feel that way… My apologies to the Iranian community both here and abroad.” If the name was "Emily Wilkinson," then you could question it but TaraBburk Jurica does not fit the profile. I am gald facebook deleted the store account and the owner took responsibility. My question is if it is not the owner then who was it? Also, I am honestly surprised more incidents like this do not happen and this is not the first time someone did this, with the same song. Remember when John McCain sang, "Bomb, bomb bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran," and Obama called him out, "You talk about peace yet you sing bomb bomb Iran."



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