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    Quote Originally Posted by OSTAD POOYA View Post
    Guys I am looking at flights from California to Saint Peters and its already at $1500 plus.... By the time the draw comes out I think it will be over 2K plus all the internal traveling that needs to take place. I am trying to figure out hotel costs too but there are too many unknown factors. If anyone can provide any information on logistics and hotels I would appreciate it. Russia is a huge country and we have to travel to at least to 3 cities for Iran that will be a bit tough too since we do not know which cities yet until the draw. Based on my calculations the trip for one would at least cost 6K or more for about 20 days.
    Depends on how much you wanna spend .... but no , it will be WAY less than 6K, I have strong connections to Russia (having lived in Ukraine) when its determined where iran plays, i can provide more info.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pooya View Post
    Applied for TST-7 .. hopefully i get it.
    as for Russia, there are racist idiots everywhere, how many games did the Italians had monkey chants for Balletoli ?
    There are Crime everywhere 2 ... Use your brain, know your surrounding and you be safe !

    Enjoy the games
    Great. I'll buy them from you if you can't go :-)
    I forgot to tell you that I ended up selling Argentina - Switzerland tickets for $2500.00 each which paid for my entire trip and then some.

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    Fifa Travel packages link:

    There are travel agents in each country supported by Fifa. For example in US is


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