Entering World Cup for 2nd time in a role, was actually the first goal, but since qualification the main Goals of Iran must be, better draw pot for wc Groups and reaching the knock out stage at the world cup.
This month's FIFA rankings decide which pot Iran will be in.

Will it be pot 3 for first time ever for Iran? Will Iran be among top 24 teams of total 32 teams to qualify?
Instead of counting teams from top rankings, it is easier to say Iran must avoid being among last 8 teams of the world cup.
So we need at least 8 teams below us at the group draws.

So far for Iran:
Asia (3 teams)- All 3 Asian teams are below Iran (KOR, JPN, KSA)
Africa (5 teams)- All 5 qualifiying candidates are below Iran for now.
North America (1 team) - either Panama or USA, both are below Iran.
Intercontinental A (0 team) - (Oceania vs S. America) NZL are below iran but the other team, the S.Americans, are above Iran, and will must likely also be the team to book ticket for wc (CHI, ARG)
Intercontinental B (1 team)- (Asia vs N. America) AUS/ SYR and USA/HON/PAN are all below Iran

So at this moment, 10 teams are below us, which will place us in 3 pot.

But the problem is this.
N. American and African teams are very close to Iran (fifa ranking).
While Iran plays a low ranking point friendly vs Russia, even if Iran wins, the amount of points Iran gains will be dwarfed by the WCQ points N.Americans and Africans gain.

In order to reach the first world cup Goal of being in pot 3, Lets hope Iran beats Russia, and manage to stay ahead of near rivals of N.America and Africa.