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    State of our Football

    I see a great future.
    I see our football make a couple of more adjustments and make it into the world top 10 - just like our volleyball did.
    The current trend is going just takes another decade or so until a couple of more pieces fall into place.
    Watching our U17 play Germany solidified my belief........yet watching TM against Russia illustrated we are still several adjustments away.
    What adjustments you ask?
    1- Ball control.....we need to further cut down on long passes , especially from our defenders.....we have cut some but need to cut even more. Top Euro clubs spend hours daily playing "Khers Vasat" with five defenders/halfbacks plus the goalie, against 2 or 3 forwards....that will of-course improve ball control in own field.
    2- Have forwards kick the ball into the goal from all around 18 with no door-khiz. They need to do this for hours every day.
    MLK: We must forgive and forget the Words of our Enemies - but must never forgive the Silence of Our Friends.

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    This is indeed the most exciting period in our football in last 40 years beside some good moments between 96 to 98.



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