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    Trump decertifies the Iran nuclear deal

    Where is playboy who was a Trump supporter and an IR apologist at the same time?

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    I was just thinking isn't that a major contradiction? That would be equivalent of me claiming to be pro NSDAP and CCCP. That article by Fox News does not tell all of the story. He also mentioned that they are not going to scrap the deal, unless Iran breached it. They talked to several generals and other notable people and they mentioned that Iran have not breached any deals yet. He also needs to go through the house and senate. I do not think they are going to kill the deal, unless Iran does something but with the worlds eyes on Iran's government/regime, they will not do anything stupid. Trump is just grandstanding for the media, nothing more, nothing less.

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    I neither voted for Trump no Hillary.
    But I can see why his talk around identity politics and America First as far as it comes to trade negotiations appeals to folks.

    The U.S establishment has got away with screwing the regular working person in America.

    but I am sad to say Trump is actually pursing the same old economic policies as any normal republican would do.

    his order of priority is getting rid of Estate Tax which only affects people with more 10 million in the bank when they die.
    “It is better to be roughly right than precisely wrong”



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