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This misses the point that the major issue in Iran is Islam, and in particular Shie Islam. Bahism is just another religion, and its followers have been victims of the Islamic government. You are ignoring the religion that has been and is the source of all the problems in Iran, and focusing on a non-issue. Even, as you say, Bahism is based on Islam. So, go to the root, which is Islam. Once you show Islam is BS, and its followers have ruined the country, any off shoot of Islam is also gone.
I don't know exactly what you mean by saying that the Baha'i faith is based on Islam, but religions do not grow out of nothingness and in a vacuum. Some take religions to be COMPETING ideologies offering different solutions, whereas they are COMPLEMENTARY such as chapters of a book that share a fundamental spiritual core, but necessarily bring new social teachings speaking to the challenges of the time.

Such sweeping statements that they are all the same are not founded in facts, conducive to meaningful dialogue and growth or helpful.