“Dear 45, I ain’t Kanye,” , First lady stripping for TI


Ball Boy
Oct 22, 2016
Yes I do, I am interested to see what black America says about Trump and the aftermath of circus they created with Kanye last week and the final dagger they serve Trump with.

I am not in the rap world but if it takes 3 minutes to see how artists bash Trump I am all for it.This is actually big news because it calls on a lot of BS around Trump and his family for the younger audience. Also Trump is very sensitive with the coverages of his performance and ratings and this hits home. It's really brilliant imo. Kiss ass rapper and POTUS hosed in one min tape.

Ur asking sounds condoscending a bit as if you have all the answers or certain high standards was compromised. The US market and voting is really influenced by these artists to a high degree. Not sure if you're in Canada or somewhere else but am sure u have a clue. no ?
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