1 dollar = 4800 goozman

Bache Tehroon

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Oct 16, 2002
DarvAze DoolAb
dollar is dropping to 11,000 toman levels.
That's because almost all major transactions have come to a halt. An idling car consumes a lot less fuel than a moving one.

If the true value of Rial had risen, you'd see more economic activities and a general decline in price of goods and services. As of right now, Iran's economy is at a stand-still and the conversion rate of Rial is completely meaningless.

The effect of sanctions is yet to come by the way.


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Oct 22, 2016
Yeah 11200 could be bought today.. some thing it's the government lowering to force people sell, others realize there's no business with pricy dollar.
I think somewhere in between, don't doubt they may run it to 13000 area again but long term I still believe there is downward pressure.

dollar is dropping to 11,000 toman levels.