1 dollar = 4800 goozman

Cr@ppy Pride is now 90 million toman. This doesn't reflect the price of Pride, it reflects the worthless value of IR currency where 90 million of it equals the worst car ever made anywhere in the world.
It's essentially a $5000 MSRP that is hard to beat unless you're building forghoon. The problem is, people think this thing is an actual car and should compete in its segment. It's not. It's a thing that moves. If you apply any standards to it the MSRP becomes unsustainable. There is absolutely no way to produce a standard car and sell it for $5000 without losing money.

A new Pride costs more to own and maintain than a good used car. Iranians know this, yet they sign up for it in droves. The manufacturer is basically acting as a drug dealer for addicts.
turkish lira is doing worse than iranian rial in the last 5 years.
I encourage you to revisit elementary math courses on youtube to refresh (or establish) some knowledge:

1 I.R Rial = 0.00000613496 US Dollar

5 years ago:

1 I.R Rial was 0.00003333333 US Dollar

The rate of decline in 5 years = -543.33 %
it's at an all time low today.
Rial has been at an all-time low almost every day for the past 40 years.
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Usual moronic propaganda tactics. When faced with an undesirable fact, you go looking for something similar in another country that is irrelevant to the concern and post it randomly. IRIB does it all the time.
It's not even similar. Turkish Lira has barely declined 50%, which is pretty bad, but a nothingburger compared to Rial's devastating 550% drop.
instead of clowning produce a chart like i did
to back up your wild conclusions.
Ok. I hope you're not as dumb as you want everyone to believe you are, but here you go:



The rate currently stands at 164,000 Rials. That's the price you need to pay to buy a single US Dollar, and if you take your US Dollar to Iran (or any Iranian exchange in the world), you will be paid 163000 I.R Rials for each dollar.

The official rate means absolutely nothing because no transaction takes place with that rate and hasn't for a long time.