2018 Asian Champions League Semi-Final, return leg: Persepolis(Iran)-Al-Sadd(Qatar)


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Nov 24, 2002
Imagine PP win ACL, the new series of fights between Branko and CQ for the players, the matches are in few weeks before AC. lool

Ali N.

Bench Warmer
Aug 3, 2004
Congrats to everyone for PP making the final of ACL! Great comeback by PP in the 2nd half... good game! Beiranvand saved us at the end! Bravo Persepolis...
Hope they win the final and becomes champions for the first time in their history, good luck!
Feb 18, 2005
What a good goal by Perspolis ,its been a while since I saw a shot on a volley like this ,great shot and fardosipour a bit harsh on the goalie ,those shots that hit the ground first are the hardest to save for a goalie .

I noticed that Seyed jalal was a bit poor on the Qatari goal ,any thoughts on that and his overall game ?

I only saw the last 25 minutes live.
Oct 18, 2002
Hopefully Persepolis gets lucky again and becomes the first iranian team to win it all!

Branko's will offically become a Persepolis legend if he achieves it