2019–20 NHL season


Feb 5, 2014
Las Vegas, NV
Dammm I didn't even KNOW they had an Iranian women's ice hockey league in Iran that is good though. The Vegas odds to win the Stanley Cup, since I am in Vegas- well assuming there will be one.
  • Bruins: +650
  • Lightning: +650
  • Avalanche: +800
  • Golden Knights: +800
  • Capitals: +900
  • Flyers : +1000
  • Blues: +1100
  • Stars: +1500
Looks like the Boston Bruins and the TB Lightening are the favorites at +650 but right behind them are the newly formed
VGK Golden Knights and the Colorado Avalanche at 800
There is usually a clunker year for the champion, which is why they are not high on the Capitals. As much as I love me some Alex Ovechkin,
Look at the Kings and Chicago. Now the Kings one one, then they had a clunker hangover year, then they won another, same thing with CHI.
Also it is hard to repeat in the NHL everyone is gunning for you.

Cheers to the Iranian Women ice hockey league, i can skate but i never plaeyd hockey before, that is a tough sport. Did anyone here any
of our Canadian Iranians play hockey? Seems like it's a REALLY fun sport to play.
Jul 5, 2009
South Dakota
Now baby....now we talking, at home in Madison SG, the New York Rangers won 9-0 and "Lovely Breed" with his mind-blowing six-point game, 3 goals and 3 assist, what a wild game!
He did add up to Bryan Trottiers, the New York Islanders scoring period record from december 23, 1978, since he scored all six points in the middle period.

Baby...what a assist at 5th goal....sweeeeet, chilAzzz babe!



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Jan 29, 2021
Mika became better player than expected, he is established no1 Center in the league now. He is also on a pretty bargain deal, 5.3 M per year until 2022 with NMC on his contract.
He will sign around 7 M easy for his next contract
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Feb 5, 2014
Las Vegas, NV
That is crazy my man, well updated hockey standings, Washington Capitals #1 with Alexander Mikhailovich Ovechkin no surprises there. My homie who is your #1 all time favorite hockey team or the the top 3 of your favorite all time hockey teams or most diminant?
1- 97 Red Wing Reds- my bias The Russian 5 Sergei Fedarow, Vladimir Konstantinov, Slava Kozlov, Slava Festov(brothers) and Igor Larinov-The entire Russian national hockety team.
Sergei Fedrov, Vladimir Konstantinov, Slava Koslov, Slava Felistov and Iror Larinow
Thee players got drafted back in Three of the players were drafted by the Red Wings in 1989 and 1990, and their defections from the Soviet Union were aided by the Wings. Honorable mentions.
91-92 Pittsburgh Penguins lead by Jager and Mario Lemieux
and the 84-85 Edmonton Oilers -lead by- Wayne Douglas Gretzky who scored 208 points that season.
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