2021 FIFA Confederations Cup !!!

Feb 15, 2006
Yazid doost dari namak roo zakhmemoon berizi?
I also counted on Iran :(

Btw. There is not an abolishment under way... its just that summer 2021, where the confederation tournament should take place is impossible to play by Qatars summer heat, so FIFA is looking for another Asian country with good summer weather to host? And who is that Uzbekistan?

and making the tournament in Nov 2021 (exactly same time as -WC 22 just a year earlier) would screw up to many national leagues.
so the tournament may be canceled for this edition.

Abolish it would be crazy.
It is the biggest test for the host team before world cup.
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Feb 18, 2005
Now that Qatar is the champ, they will make sure this confederation Cup would go ahead even if they had to pay for it all.