2022 FIFA World Cup qualification (AFC)


National Team Player
Oct 12, 2011
Kuwait 7 Nepal 0

Nice to see Kuwait back, my favourite team Out of all Persian Gulf teams, Kuwaiti players tend to play fair football with far less diving and grass rolling
I've always liked the blue Jersey & also their passionate fans. I hope they get out of the group.

Feb 4, 2005
Bad game by us from what I heard but we got the expected three points thanks to a 2-0 win v. HK

In another group Yemen held Saudis to a 2-2 draw.
Jul 5, 2009
South Dakota
Damn it brouw, now you're here again jabbin around like a fly about the JB, still remember JB was the cheapest whiskey we'd come across when we were younger together with ma' chaps.
JB was damnd inexpensive to me but never useless.

Thanks for recalling, I will get me a bottle of JB this weekend, its been ages I've had any JB.